Top 10 famous swimwear brands that are loved by many people


Which famous swimwear brand is loved by many athletes? Let’s find out with Coolmate in the following article!

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Many people always appreciate famous swimwear brands for their quality. Therefore, they consistently prioritize using these products in their training sessions. However, if you are also a fan of swimming, do not ignore the following article by Coolmate. The information in the report will help you know which famous swimwear brand is most worth using today!

Top famous swimwear brands that many people criticize

Favorite brand swimwear is an international brand that is known in many countries. Here are the top 10 best water swimwear brands Coolmate recommends for you.

1. Camp Cove Swim

Camp Cove Swim is a famous swimwear brand based in the western suburbs of Sydney. The company has an attractive and sexy look with 70s details. Products are manufactured in the coastal city of New South Wales with gorgeous colors and textures.

Camp Cove Swim is a famous swimwear brand that uses eco-friendly, recycled fabrics.

All fabric samples printed in Sydney are used from recycled fabrics, so it is very environmentally friendly. The print is designed exclusively for the brand. Each shirt is a work of love with a special meaning and brings fashion and convenience.

Reference price: prices range from AUD 90.


2. Famous swimwear brand Rye

Rye is considered a swimsuit brand with outstanding symmetrical colors and unique stripes. Products offered by Rye can be used in many different styles. For example, you can use it to swim or wear shorts for a beach walk.

Rye is at the top of the famous swimwear brands with high aesthetics

The product is inspired by the local area, The Bronte and Clovelly, which is meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

Reference price: price from AUD 119.


3. Swimwear brand Ephemera

a famous swimwear brand

Ephemera is a swimwear brand founded by Saint Laurent alumnus Nicole Banning while living in Paris. Later, Nicole continued with this brand with innovative designs of swimsuits and high-quality materials.

Ephemera is a swimwear brand with many features, showing its attractive beauty.

The brand is expressed through clean, fast cuts and evokes many features. It is compact and straightforward but still ensures fashion and convenience. In addition, Ephemera uses high-quality Italian lycra and emphasizes each product it produces. Therefore, in 2015, Ephemera was honored to be awarded the Prix de Marie Claire for the best swimwear brand.

Reference price: price from AUD 250.


4. Matteau Swim Swimwear Brand

Matteau Swim is a brand from the land of Kangaroo. Ilona Hamer and her sister Peta Heinsen created this brand, and within a year, the brand created a massive buzz in the market.

famous swimwear brand

Matteau Swim is a famous swimwear brand loved by many women

Matteau Swim is well-known and has been present in the Vietnam market. The brand’s products stand out with sharp, delicate tailoring details and high-quality fabrics. Each swimsuit is flattering to the body, creating a highly eye-catching three-round charm.

Reference price: price from USD 135.

5. Prism. brand swimwear

a famous swimwear brand

Prism was originally a brand line of eyewear and accessories. However, then Prism caught the trend and expanded its business into bags, swimwear, and shoes. Prism was founded in 2009 by the famous Londoner model and fashion editor Anna Laub.

Prism swimwear brand brings many quality and beautiful product models

The brand offers a sophisticated look with ultimate functionality and style. All products are from Europe and top quality, so many swimmers and ordinary people love them.

Reference price: from GBP 135

6. Swimwear brand ELLE

ELLE – The Parisian’s Lifestyle is a famous French fashion brand. This brand’s swimwear and bikini product lines are officially distributed at Pandemos Lingerie Vietnam.

famous swimwear brand

ELLE’s swimsuit shows the sophistication of French women

The Swimsuit of ELLE is based on three French women’s fashion criteria: culture, confidence, and dynamism. Culture is expressed through pleated design, lace, or simple plain fabric. Thanks to that, the outfits can be subtly combined with office shirts.

ELLE’s confidence is reflected in the gentle lifting design and carefully selected French fabrics. This helps the wearer feel comfortable, not constrained, and respects the figure.

Reference price: price from 400,000 VND

7. Brand AllSisters Responsible Swimwear

AllSisters Responsible Swimwear is a famous swimsuit brand in Barcelona (Spain). The product is made from recycled fabrics from Italy to ensure environmental friendliness.

famous swimwear brand

AllSisters Responsible Swimwear swimwear has an eye-catching, impressive design.

This brand has a unique feature designed with highly delicate cut-out details. That makes each swimsuit more hot and eye-catching. The brand only provides products that women, athletes, or ordinary people buy and use to be flattering and safe.

a famous swimwear brand

Reference price: price from 40 EUR.

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8. Bassike Swimwear Brand

Bassike belongs to the top of the famous swimwear brands that many people love. The brand’s product line is three bikinis and two one-piece swimsuits in mysterious black tones. The Italian chlorine-resistant material makes for a great, quality product.

Reference price: price from AUD 90.

9. Marysia brand swimwear

The ideal seashell swimsuits you often see are Marysia’s idea. This brand was founded by Polish designer – Maria Dobrzanska Reeves, now Marysia is over six years old.

famous swimwear brand

Marysia makes a prominent mark by wearing clothes that meet customers’ needs.

Marysia makes a prominent mark with swimsuits to serve customers fully, satisfying the wearer’s needs. In addition, the brand pays great attention to materials and styles to ensure that essential areas of the body are protected from the sun.

Reference price: price from USD 141

10. Swimwear brand Ward Whillas

a famous swimwear brand

Among the top famous swimwear brands, it is impossible not to mention Ward Whillas. This brand originated in Australia, founded by two designers, Rosie Ward Densen and Alicia Whillas.

Ward Whillas is one of the most popular swimwear brands

Two experienced designers who once worked at Proenza Schouler, The Row and Marc Jacobs are now separated to create their brands. Ward Whillas swimwear can protect you from UV rays and adapt to all creams and chlorine. The product is meticulously cut and sewn, designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

Reference price: price from USD 250.

Top 7 famous swim cap brands

In addition to the famous swimwear brands mentioned above, Coolmate will introduce you to a few more renowned swim cap brands. The following information is undoubtedly helpful in choosing a swim cap among the many brands on the market.

1. Speedo swim cap

Speedo swim cap entered the top of the best swimming cap review in the world. This is a best-selling swim cap company with hundreds of years of history. Not only about swimming caps, but Men’s Speedo swimwear also has a variety of other swimwear products.

Speedo products come in various designs, from materials to styles, suitable for athletes and amateur swimmers. This is a perfect choice to help you have the best swimming experience.

2. View the Swimming Cap

The view is a swimming equipment brand from Japan with excellent quality. Products are carefully researched, and accurate to give users the best experience. The View swim cap is slip-resistant, tear-resistant, and easy to put on, suitable for adults and children alike.

3. Arena swim cap

a famous swimwear brand

Arena swim caps have a history of more than 4fourdecades with high quality suitable for training, competition, and recreational swimming. The swimming nose meets quality standards and comforts the user in the water environment.

4. Adidas Swim Cap

The Adidas brand is too familiar to everyone. This brand also manufactures swimming equipment such as swimwear, swim cap, glasses, etc. Product design from classic to current ensures both aesthetics and functionality of the device.

5. Li-ning swimming cap

A swim cap brand that cannot be ignored is Li-ning. This swim cap is made of pure silicone with high elasticity and a design that hugs the head but still ensures the best comfort.

6. Phoenix Swim Cap

Phoenix swimming cap has many different models for users to choose from. The beautiful design is the plus point of this swimming cap; not only that but they are also made of high-quality silicone, which is exceptionally soft, has a good grip, and does not cause skin irritation.

a famous swimwear brand

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