How Much Does a Custom Designer Wedding Dress Cost?


Dream wedding dresses don’t need to be costly investments; beautiful gowns can be found at stores like David’s Bridal, BHLDN, and Azazie, which provide budget-conscious brides with unique options. Check out to know more

Beads and embellishments also play a vital role in determining gown prices.


Fabric selection plays a crucial role in wedding gown costs. While more expensive materials like silk or hand-embroidered lace might incur higher expenses, more explicit materials like satin, chiffon, and polyester have an impactful financial effect.

Designer dresses tend to feature higher-grade materials that raise costs and price tags (Oscar de la Renta gowns start at $14,000. Vera Wang Luxe collection gowns begin at $2.900).

Fabric components that affect dress production include time. For instance, intricate lace patterns require hours of meticulous work which adds up over time and increases the costs of creating it.


After your initial consultation, your designer will start sketching your ideal dress design. This may take multiple drafts and iterations until they reach their final dress creation; more elaborate dresses tend to incur higher costs.

Detail is of utmost importance during construction; every added feature, such as lace appliques, embroidery stitches, pearls, and crystals, impacts the time and cost of completion.

Brides-to-be can save on dress design by selecting less intricate patterns or adding visual appeal through jewelry and other elements such as eye-catching belts or sashes.

Alterations are another high cost for brides-to-be. According to Olukoya, these expenses can add up quickly depending on the change made; alterations time and fabric costs influence how much the dress costs to make and its quality; shortening hemlines is typically more labor-intensive than lengthening them.


Beads and embellishments add a beautiful finishing touch to any gown and increase its cost. Handwork is necessary to craft such elements – glass beads, colored lace, sequins, and crystals all take time and patience to hand sew onto fabric which significantly adds up.

As with anything intricate and detailed, more expensive designs tend to be. However, many bridal designers and dressmakers are willing to work within brides’ budgets to fulfill their vision of an elaborate dress. Making concessions on fabric choice or beading could drastically lower its price; communicate this information with your consultant so they have an accurate base quote for your custom designer wedding dress.


Just about every dress requires some adjustments for it to fit perfectly, such as taking in or out the sides, shortening straps, adding ties or buttons for a bustle, shortening straps further still, shortening and lengthening the back waistband straps, shortening them further still, altering necklines as necessary, hemming skirt hemlines, etc.

Embellishments can add considerable expense to a dress due to their time and skill-intensive nature, with quality silk satin and beaded and embroidered laces being more costly than their regular fabrics, according to Olukoya.

Initial appointments typically last one hour as the bride and artisan fitter work to assess a gown’s needs. Appointment schedules can differ based on how much work needs to be done on it – but as a general guideline, two to three-hour-long appointments should take place each month leading up to your big day so your gown won’t surprise you on its big day.

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