French Lessons For Iranians Online


Find a language exchange partner in Iran and practice French via conversation, email, text chat, or voice chat. We provide helpful guidelines and lesson plans to make practicing French enjoyable yet effective. The Interesting Info about French lessons for Iranians online.

Students will become acquainted with topics frequently featured on radio and TV programs as well as grammar concepts like logical connectors, expression of sentiments, and sharing their viewpoints on familiar subjects.
Basic 1

This introductory course aims to develop pronunciation and vocabulary through pronunciation lessons and vocabulary expansion exercises for students with no or limited French experience. Students will also be introduced to basic grammar and conversation topics, including everyday topics and essential grammatical concepts such as present indicative tense usage, gender in nouns/pronouns, and fundamental idiomatic expressions.

Language choice in school systems is typically an issue of politics and sociology. Iran, historically speaking, has been more resistant than other countries to bilingual and multilingual education systems in schools. This may be to maintain the national identity and unity of the young school generation while avoiding Westernisation, but due to close relations with European nations, it should come as no surprise that some aspects of Iranian culture were influenced by Western influences (Riazi 1995).

Private online Persian lessons for Iranians on Preply offer tutors undivided attention, which enables faster progress and a deeper understanding of the language. Plus, they tend to be cheaper than in-person classes with flexible scheduling options! When selecting an online tutor on Preply, be sure to browse their profiles for details regarding qualifications and teaching approach, as well as feedback from previous students regarding instruction quality! Select one that best meets your learning goals – Preply offers free replacement until you find someone suitable!
Basic 2

Students who have taken French instruction previously or have had informal exposure will find this introductory level suitable. Topics covered will include introductions, daily routines, familiar subjects, indicative tense, and basic idiomatic expressions. Our goal for this class is to equip our students to handle simple conversations related to everyday topics while becoming life-long language learners.

While most studies demonstrate the efficacy of online EFL teaching in Iran, few report results from groups facing the same challenges. Furthermore, little evidence exists to explain what potential hidden factors might impede its delivery (Azizpour 2021; Badrkhani 2021).

Iran’s education system comprises three levels, ranging from primary school (Dabestan, dbstn), lasting six years, to junior high school (Dabirestan dorm dbyrstn) for three years before graduating senior high school two years later, with students passing a national university entrance exam (Konkur khnkhwr). To obtain their high school diplomas.

Kochiva’s online French lessons are tailored to develop your speaking, listening, reading, and writing capabilities through task-oriented classes taught by an experienced native French speaker who uses a systematic grammatical progression syllabus for instruction. Each 60-minute session lasts 60 minutes, with homework provided after every class session; students may take individual or group lessons with either the same tutor or with someone different each time.
Intermediate 1

This course seeks to give students a foundation in French vocabulary and grammar that will enable them to engage in simple conversations, express themselves on familiar subjects, and gain an understanding of fundamental idiomatic expressions. This is the initial step towards achieving Intermediate level proficiency (B1 according to CEFR).

Students at this level will develop and practice all four French communicative skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – through a series of tasks designed to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Activities will follow a syllabus with an organized grammatical progression structure. Furthermore, interactive language activities with their instructor and other learners will further enable the development of language ability.

Students will work to broaden their understanding of past tense grammatical features such as complex imperative constructions, adverbs, subjunctives, and modals; review working relationships between passe compose, imperfect, and other verb tenses forms; and master complex imperative constructions and subjunctives in standard speech while reading more complex articles to increase their knowledge of French and Francophone culture.

In this advanced course, you will review material from Level Two as well as learn new material. By the end of this advanced course, you should be able to speak on topical subjects like travel and tourism while describing pictures or people and expressing yourself more abstractly. Furthermore, daily conversations with Iranians will become easier while deepening your knowledge of Iranian music, poetry, regional foods, and handicrafts.
Intermediate 2

Our course starts with a placement test to assess your current level of French and focus on relevant material during classes. After the exam is finished, we’ll email you the results and recommendations, and you can begin learning!

Intermediate 2 French is designed for students who have little or no previous experience learning French. It offers basic pronunciation, vocabulary building, and basic grammar instruction. By the end of this course, you should be able to carry on daily conversations about familiar topics while communicating effectively in predictable everyday scenarios.

By the time you complete this course, you will have reached a level equivalent to B1 of the Common European Framework of Languages. Your linguistic abilities will be expanded through interactive tasks and activities designed to develop all four communication areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

This course builds on the knowledge acquired in Beginner and Intermediate 1 classes by covering more advanced grammar concepts, such as the relationship between passe compose and imperfect past tenses. It also provides deeper insights into French and Francophone culture.

Learn not only more advanced grammar but also Iran’s geography, history, music, and poetry, as well as various aspects of Iranian culture and society.
Advanced 1

Learn French quickly with this course designed to develop your language and cultural proficiency. Working closely with a personal tutor, you will explore complex grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions with them delivered via Zoom or Skype lessons of 50 minutes in length each session; post lesson, you will receive up to an hour of homework practice so as to keep moving forward in learning French.

At this introductory level, you will acquire basic vocabulary, grammar rules, and the present indicative tense. In addition, gendered nouns and simple idiomatic expressions will also be introduced along with basic conversations on familiar topics, vacation descriptions, and simple forms for filling out.

Step one in becoming a highly proficient French user is mastery of pronunciation and usage of past tense verbs (passe compose and imperfect past tenses) seamlessly. In addition, you will acquire knowledge in employing numerous adjectives with comparatives and superlatives for comparatives and superlatives – in addition to learning short official documents!

Private online lessons are more efficient than group classes because you get your tutor’s full attention throughout each lesson. They also allow for greater scheduling flexibility – you can arrange lessons whenever best fits into your busy life! To find a tutor who meets your needs, browse Preply profiles and reviews written by previous students.
Advanced 2

At this level, you will deepen your knowledge of French and its culture to develop advanced speaking, reading, and writing abilities. You will become adept at using complex vocabulary and working with interrelationships between verb tenses while reading authentic documents such as letters or short official texts.

Students enrolled in this introductory French class will review basic grammar concepts such as verb conjugation, present tense verb tenses, and noun classifications before developing listening and speaking abilities with emphasis placed on pronunciation, vocabulary building, and simple conversational skills. This class is tailored towards those with little to no prior knowledge of French.

As part of this course, the second part will teach you to speak at the B2.2 level. Here, we will cover topics such as how technological innovations impact our daily lives, how first impressions can often be deceiving – and more. Through engaging in multimedia activities and texts, you will gain the vocabulary to express yourself effectively in everyday situations as well as communicate your opinions about cultural or historical subjects depicted in films or other media. As your French improves, so will your ability to follow rapid conversations on diverse subjects naturally, understand idiomatic phrases, and decipher contracts. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with specific recurring themes and topics aired by French radio and television shows while further improving your comprehension of different tenses.