If you want to succeed, you need to generate sales leads, and I’ll show you how to do so without breaking the bank.


I’ve had a great 32 years in sales and marketing, and I’ve made a killing on every product that was ever deemed unsellable. Everything from therapy beds and life insurance to encyclopedias and home improvements.

There indeed were hard times… many people are having a hard time right now, it seems… But unless we give up, we can use adversity to grow stronger. I’ve lived long enough to have witnessed this phenomenon more than once. I’ve gotten stronger with every attempt, and this one is no exception.

What I learned a long time ago may surprise you. It doesn’t matter how difficult things are if you have enough quality sales leads and enough people who have indicated an interest in at least exploring your offering… You’ll never be out of work if you’re skilled at selling. If you tell your tale to enough people, someone will eventually agree with you, even if the numbers are higher than you’d like.

And no matter how high your presentation-to-sales ratio is, to begin with, it will inevitably decrease as you progress. In 1989, when I first started working at the renowned Encyclopedia Britannica, they took a group of other new hires and me through the regular week-long training. They promised that if we each gave four presentations, at least one of our clients would buy. I’d say I did around seventeen before I finally got a sale, and even then, the buyer backed out the next day. I was the only trainee left when I finally got paid for an order. But I’m not one to give up quickly, so I kept at it, and sure enough, four months later, it was one in four; seeing eight people a week was enough to cover my expenses and pay off my debts. As long as I could share my experience, I felt better and better. After a year, I converted at a rate of seven out of ten, which held steady for the next five years.

The key to success was generating leads or potential customers to pitch your product or service.

I’ve already established that I’m not a quitter. One day, an auditorium full of graduates waited expectantly for a speech by the English prime minister. When he finally took the stage, he stared at the graduates for several seconds before saying, “Never give up.” He waited until the audience grew restless before repeating the message. After another brief pause, he proclaimed, “Never Give Up!” and sat down. A terrific leader and someone with a lot of self-assurance would be needed to deliver a speech with so few words but so much impact. The crowd, understanding the point being made, applauded enthusiastically. All of us Brits can be thankful that Sir Winston Churchill was not a quitter.

But every once in a while… Eventually, we realize that it’s time to move on. Changing course without giving up. I had worked for a nationwide firm that aimed to serve as a conduit for commercial transactions for close to 14 years. Sales lead for the small and medium-sized business sector.

I had agreed with their viewpoint and been glad to convey their narrative for many years.
Until late in 2008, I made an appointment with a woman who ran a beauty consulting business. I aimed to get her to renew and hopefully enhance her spending of £2100 with us from the previous year.

She had experienced the exact opposite of the steady stream of leads promised to her. She had a hard time making ends meet. She had to lay off some of her employees and no longer took pride in running her company.

Of course, I had a job to complete and heard that thing daily. I was taught how to overcome early objections, and I quickly began asking the standard questions to gather information. I’m curious as to your anticipations. What kind of clients will you seek in the coming year and a half? How far off are you currently from attaining what you require? In what other ways are you trying to close the gap?

She was doing nothing else because she was at a loss for ideas.

She appeared like a rabbit staring into the headlights of an oncoming car, so I had to halt my actions before I could continue talking to her. I told her I understood how difficult things were and that some businesses were cutting back on advertising but that the smart ones were trying to increase their share of a shrinking pie.

Many are folding, so you can quickly grab their customers and market share.
I gave her £2100 plus a little extra to account for VAT. I modified her schedule in the hopes that it would serve her better. But that night, I found myself pondering some profound issues. The inherent bias struck me like a ton of bricks. Did I genuinely assist that woman when she was in such dire need? She had asked me to choose as if I were the head of advertising for her company, treating us as equals.

However, a conflict of interest existed in this case. I was expected to meet goals, report progress to my supervisor, and contribute to the success of the company that was paying my salary because the city requires quarterly financial reports. In addition to this… Let’s face it… I needed to provide for my family and maintain a good living standard.

That was one of those real-world experiences… The following day, I decided that the conflict of interest was too large for me to continue working there. Don’t get me wrong—salespeople are essential to our economy, and many individuals would be in dire straits without them. However, at the time, I felt unable to go on.

So, after 14 fruitful years there, I approached my supervisor the next day and asked if I might retire early. My wife was taken aback; she probably didn’t fully grasp the situation.
However, I had just experienced the biggest surprise of my business life. My clients relied on my counsel and knew my answer would bring new business. You could have guessed that I was exhausted. Not in my opinion. My 2009 sales have been fantastic.

I retired early, traveled to Spain to bask in the Andalusian sun and refresh my spirit, and ultimately reversed my decision. Well, not just yet. Having meaningful work to do is more important than financial gain.

The woman I met at the salon continued to haunt my thoughts. And the tens of thousands of other women who run successful businesses from home. I started looking into how I might assist people like her in taking charge of their marketing and freeing themselves from the clutches of directories, newspapers, radio salespeople, and the myriad of other creative but ultimately fruitless forms of advertising. She was frustrated and wanted to know how to get enough sales leads to enjoying her work again. Could I get her back into the black without going into debt? I assure you, I scoured the internet for hours before I found an answer that satisfied me.

I expected that some people might not like it. I am aware that some would rather pay any price to have someone else generate their lead for them. Unfortunately, not everyone can answer the phone and take down a leader when it rings. It’s shocking how many people ignore their phones. My beauty parlor, however, was not among them.

We can educate her on how to produce and capture all the leads she needs utilizing the fastest expanding medium in human history, the Internet if she is prepared to study at her own pace in the comfort of her workplace.
It’s like taking a college course in online marketing. It works for any business, regardless of budget, because it teaches free and low-cost lead-generation strategies and how to maximize the effectiveness of paid advertising.

She could start with the first step and repeat it until she has mastered it. In a few days, she might be out there selling. But you might think she’s a beautician, not a marketer, and I’m a lawyer, ice cream maker, or auto mechanic. The beauty of it is that no one knows your business as well as you do, and as you progress through the lessons, you will realize that you should be in control of marketing. You probably think that it’s not that simple. I didn’t say it was easy, and there is a high learning curve; I’m in the middle of it right now, but I’ve never been a computer person, and I taught myself what I know now at the age of 53. I’m generating leads for my business using the same tools you would be.

As I mentioned, I’ve never been very tech-savvy; my kids usually handle tasks like operating the DVD recorder for me. However, I’m confident anyone can quickly pick up the basics. To examine the proposal at no cost, visit. Vast sales; perform your investigation; maintain an open mind.

Has my quality of life improved? With eight kids, having extra time to spend at home is a huge plus, and my income hasn’t taken a hit either since this side gig not only generates sales leads for my main enterprise but also stands on its own as a viable business. I’m not advocating that interpretation, but many folks will go with it anyway. I hope that we can assist you in realizing your dreams and desires, whatever they may be.

For the past 32 years, I’ve worked as a sales and marketer. Have a history of accomplishment at some of the most prestigious companies in the business world. I worked in advertising for 14 years, selling encyclopedias for 6, home improvement products for 4, and life insurance for 8. I left the corporate sector in December 2008, when I was 52 to devote my time to my church, family, and church. This is the best sensation ever. The reason I keep at it is that selling is my passion. People with arthritis and other painful problems can benefit from the therapeutic beds and chairs I sell. Like any other salesperson, I require leads to success, and I think I’ve finally figured out how to get them. I’d be happy to show you the system if you don’t use it to sell therapy beds in Manchester, England. Just check out Corporate]

It would appear that many people initially use online marketing to bring in customers for their main business but later realize it can be successful on its own. A larger group is always more fun.

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