How to Increase Sales


Do your sales match your expectations? Even if you are already at a high level, the answer is no for most vendors and small business owners. Do you understand why they are not in the desired location? Again, even though you may know the reason, the answer is mostly no. Consequently, what is the restriction in your sales process?

You can only learn what to do, how to accomplish it, and take action on what you need to do if you know where your constraint or constraints are.

You might think of an efficient sales process as an assembly line. The finished product emerges from the end of the process after the input inventory has completed its journey. Consider an assembly line for cars. The frame comes first, after which the wheels, motor, transmission, seats, interior, etc., flow in and are attached. Everything takes place in a specific sequence. Various occurrences or arrangements of events are dependent on one another. The car leaving the production line results from a long chain of actions that led to that point.

A range of factors also affects your selling. Prospects are where it begins. You have an inventory.
After that, the steps in your sales assembly line should follow: introduction, favorable attention, needs and wants discovery, benefit and consequence presentation, and commitment acquisition. This is how you make sales. Before going to the next station in line, a specific task or goal must be completed at each station.

The entire production line is stopped if one assembly station experiences a problem. No finished goods are leaving the other end as output stagnates.

Where does your process stall or back up? Let’s examine the progression:

Do you initially have adequate stock or prospects? The world’s best assembly line or procedure is useless without the suitable materials to create. Are there too many prospects for you to handle? If so, marketing rather than sales would apply. Your inventory is made through marketing and added to your sales process. That is a different supply problem.

You have limitations if you have enough prospects (are there ever enough?) but you’re not making the sales you want. The good news is that you may increase production by improving or fine-tuning your process. The objectives of each station on the sales assembly line are listed below with each station’s order. Your assembly line also features a self-analysis function. Activate it by responding to the questions linked to each step. Give this some time. If you believe that you do some things well, consider how you might be able to improve. They emphasize the things you must be aware of and take action on to ensure that prospects move through your process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Making a good impression is the aim of the introduction.

Who are you as a vendor regarding the value and problem-solving services you consider offering?

You must consider these factors rather than closing a sale.

How do you feel about yourself and your confidence? Similar to cruise control, these. You can be sped up or slowed down by them.

Our actions reflect the way we think. That conviction will come through.

Are you more focused on assisting people or on closing sales? People can spot a self-centered person and a salesperson a mile away. Establishing trust begins with a genuine desire to help.

What sort of impression do you give at first? A first impression is something that can never be recovered from. Keep an eye on your attitude, attire, grooming, and posture.

Gaining Favorable Attention- The objectives are establishing a two-way conversation, developing a rapport, and selling the prospect to you.

Analyzing Oneself

How approachable and endearing are you? People may buy from you if they like and trust you. They won’t buy from you if they don’t like or trust you.

Do you maintain your attention on your prospect?

Are you a priority for yourself or your prospects? Prioritize being on your prospects’ agenda. It’s your only chance to win their patronage. Keep in mind that it’s not about you.

Do you genuinely care about your prospect? People are more interested in how much you care than you know; according to Zig Ziglar, showing interest increases your likeability.

How well do you ask questions? The most effective salespeople rehearse and become experts in effective questioning methods. These abilities begin with the introduction and continue through the buying/selling transaction.
Do you establish rapport and trust? Don’t market. Make friends, and make sure they feel comfortable forming a partnership with you.
Do you engage in friendly conversation? You can only begin considering needs and wants after this is in place.

Finding Needs and Wants- The objective is determining the prospect’s needs or wants and WHY.

Analyzing Oneself
How well-equipped are you to pose inquiries? They must be absorbed internally. You may continue to be on your prospects’ agenda in this way.

Do you have a mental model in mind when gathering data? One instance is SPIN. One more is objectives, advantages, effects, and challenges.

Are you posing the proper queries?

Do you listen? Positive environments are produced by active listening. Poor listening results in a bad atmosphere.

Do you genuinely care about how they’re doing?

Do you get the significance of what they say is important?

Presenting Benefits and Consequences- Your prospect should be shown your product or service regarding benefits and solutions.


Do you solely discuss your prospect’s essential concerns, features, and benefits? They will find it simpler to work with you if you do this.
Do you keep emphasizing that you are moving in the right direction? This is not merely a presentation!

Do you maintain a conversation with your prospect? look up

Gaining Commitment – The objective is to request and receive the order.

Analyzing Oneself

Do you view this as the closing process or the steps you took to win the client’s business? Gaining a prospect’s commitment is a process that starts with the very first meeting.

Do you consider transactions or long-term relationships with clients when making decisions?

Do potential prospects naturally come to this conclusion, or do you frequently resort to tricks?

Your inventory or prospects will move through the sales process with the least stalled opportunities possible if your sales process runs like a well-oiled machine. Sales will result in more finished goods for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ve found your restrictions and need assistance boosting the flow across that bottleneck.

I support the success of CEOs, business owners, professionals, and salesmen. Do you desire better outcomes? I assist folks in shifting their perspectives so they can act differently. Better thinking is the secret to the success you want because our actions determine the outcomes we get. I focus on three areas: goal-setting for achievement, knowledge and skill development, and attitude development.

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