Positive and Negative Thoughts: Understanding the Subconscious


The Higher Selves

The invisible body, known as the Thought Form Body, is where all realities created by everyone at any moment through their thoughts are stored. Many various “yous” reside within this envelope [energy field]. One such “you” is an actual energy identity who lives in this altered reality and is underprivileged, and lacks money. You have changed facts based on every notion you have projected regarding financial scarcity.

The altered reality that is the “you” when you’re struggling financially wants to strengthen and strengthen that altered reality. This then permits that altered reality to continue developing and exhibiting its power and authority over you in the physical form in the material fact, entirely outside of your conscious thought process.

Think about how it would feel to recall every thought you had, starting when you were born. Imagine that each idea you had was actual energy that lingered in a sphere of energy around you rather than dissipating. Imagine supposing this thought energy possessed specific magnetic properties so that every thought you had throughout the years attracted other ideas with the same polarity. Imagine that these energy identities or concepts have manifested as altered realities in your surrounding area. And with each thought, these energy identities and the changed realities they produced grew as you grew older.

Let’s start by illustrating how ideas generate energy identities, producing altered realities.

Maybe you’ve spent your entire life worrying about your weight. Perhaps you went through an overweight stage when you were a young child, and people occasionally advised you to pass on a second serving. You initially didn’t see it, but eventually, your consciousness did. You started to feel more significant than your age-related cousins and friends. You began to consider how much less candy and dessert you should consume. You started judging the appearance of some acquaintances or family members depending on their weight. As you endured bullying at school, your problem eventually became more serious.

You’ve struggled with your weight as an adult, attempting diet after diet with varying degrees of success. And you’ve been thinking about being overweight all this time. Similar thoughts are magnetically drawn to one another, creating thought forms such as “I’m too fat,” “I overeat,” “I’m a failure at losing weight,” and “I’m unlovable because I’m fat,” all of which tirelessly create an altered reality in which you struggle with your weight.

Mind Becomes Body

Each of us has developed mental formations due to thoughts of all kinds. Depending on the amount of attention put into them, they come in various shapes and sizes—some are tiny, others are enormous, and many are in between. The Thought Form Body is the invisible envelope (energy field) that surrounds us and serves as the residence for these excellent and negative energy identities, as indicated by the Higher Selves in the sentence above. It is held in an etheric energy field each person carries; it is not a physical body. All the emotions—joy, fear, love, hate, hurt, illness, money, poverty—and concepts about oneself, other people, relationships, work, play, and so on—are contained inside it. All of our thought formations are built and strengthened by our thoughts being held here, magnetically drawing like thoughts from various sources. All the altered realities that coexist with us in our thought form bodies are created by them.

Allowing for a moment of suspension of disbelief, let’s take this further and examine how our minds operate. Do we think more optimistically or negatively as we go about our day? The majority of you already know the solution to this.

For instance, if we have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling fantastic, we might say, “Oh, I feel great today! I have so much energy; I’m sure this will be a good day,” and then we may never think about it again. Despite feeling great, we tend to think about it very little. Concentrating on the tasks at hand helps us feel good, which leads to thoughts directed toward those tasks rather than the emotion itself.

But what happens if we don’t sleep enough and wake up with a stiff neck, a headache, or a backache? Don’t we frequently moan endlessly about it to friends or coworkers? And what do we respond if a delivery or maintenance person stops by and asks pleasantly, “How are you?” If we are feeling well, we will likely say, “Fine, and you?” However, if our neck pain persists, we will likely respond, “Well, since you asked, I am having a poor day, starting with…

Every day we increase those misery magnets because our propensity to dwell on the bad surpasses our tendency to think positively. This indicates that the scale is tipped substantially in the negative direction when considering the balance or the ratio of negative to positive energy identities. All of us lose out on this.

Manifestation Drive

Thought forms have no soul and no consciousness. They are not conscious. They do, however, possess the strength of magnetic attraction. This magnetic energy is active all the time. It draws in similar concepts from various sources, including others and our own. No more than a real magnet deliberately attracts; this action is not conscious. What does all of this attraction lead to?

The energy identities (and the changed realities they produce) keep getting more robust due to magnetic attraction. When they reach a certain level of strength, they enter our material existence. They exist only to appear, in actuality. Our life, or our outer expression, is created through the manifestation process of all our energy identities.

For instance, if it is chilly and raining outside, we could consider keeping warm and dry throughout the day to avoid getting sick. We are reminded to check our supplies in case we see TV advertisements for various cold treatments. We can still clearly recall last year when we had the worst cold ever and were forced to miss work. Since flu season has arrived, we intend to get vaccinated. All schools, in our opinion, serve as a haven for illnesses, so we have no time for parents who send their kids to school sick. We also think that every germ we encounter can get us sick. This keeps empowering our existing illness thinking structure, which is what we are doing. And what are you aware of? Two weeks later, despite our best attempts to avoid it, we were struck with a severe cold attributed to our time volunteering at our daughter’s preschool.

In actuality, becoming ill resulted from the disease’s altered reality, becoming potent enough to appear cold in our natural world. When you were asked to volunteer to read to your child’s preschool class, it drew the opportunity. This therefore sparked and strengthened your views that you were now exposed to the germs that you were persuaded would make you ill (based on your thinking). They did, too.

Isn’t it just the case that colds spread quickly? No. Every adult who had contact with children—teachers, parents, and students—would become ill if that were the case. Each person reacts to every circumstance according to the thinking patterns that they are developing for themselves. Because of this, some students/teachers have flawless attendance records while others have recurring illnesses or fall somewhere in the middle. Naturally, this process is more intricate than I have described. However, the fundamental ideas remain the same.

Another illustration is the magnetic attraction of circumstances that will make you a victim once more if you have a strong victim mentality. If you have a failing pattern, your thoughts will introduce circumstances that will cause you to fail again. You can be trapped in a cycle of betrayal if you choose partners that drive you insane with their infidelity. The patterns we experience in our life are a result of thought structures.

Body Habit

We also have a habit body that we carry along with our thought form body. Another invisible field of energy (domain) that surrounds us, the Habit Body, carries the imprints of every thought and deed. Views simultaneously track habits and build energy identities. Our most ingrained habits are formed as the imprints of comparable ideas get more deeply entrenched. The imprints/ruts are strengthened once more as we smoke, worry, put off tasks, and other behaviors. In other words, the frequency of a thought or action will affect how deeply it imprints in our habit body; the more profound the rut, the more automatic and strong the habit. Although the Habit Body lacks energy identity, the imprints of patterns on ideas nonetheless give them power, and vice versa.

Have you ever noticed that you get up simultaneously five out of every seven mornings? Or do you grab a coffee without thinking before beginning any project? Or do you put your left shoe on each morning before your right one? These are straightforward, repeating behaviors that are simple to identify and, in the grand scheme of things, are very innocuous. We must pay attention to our habits because we all have deeper and more intricate ones. Thought Forms and these habit imprints combine to strengthen our patterns. It’s challenging to modify aspects of ourselves that we are partly unhappy with because of how these two interact. The more deeply established a habit is, the more we act and think by it. The mental form grows stronger before manifesting once more and again.

I slept only three to four hours a night for over ten years. Chronic tiredness resulted from my inability to fall asleep again after waking up. Fortunately, I could alter this habit by practicing the exercises that the Higher Selves showed us, and those sleepless years are now a distant memory. I now sleep for at least five to six hours every night, with few exceptions. Even though I wake up frequently at night, I now go back to sleep. Naturally, five or six hours are insufficient. Fortunately, I’ve been getting better and now sleep seven or more hours every night, at least three times a week. You can alter your habits if you want to.

The Bigger Picture

Remember that we have free will and exist as humans in a kingdom of free will. We will empower new energy identities and habit imprints if something alters our thoughts for a day or a week. As a result, we will manifest differently than we did in previous weeks.

The untimely passing of a young friend or family member is one situation that many people may identify with. We can become aware of our life’s complacency due to the newfound vulnerability we now experience. As a result, we decided to concentrate more on staying healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising. We may also try harder to improve ourselves so that if we pass away soon, there won’t be any regrets. We also become more open to telling our family how much we love them daily. Were we previously contemplating this? But we are right now. As a result, as our thought patterns change, so do our energy identities and habit imprints.

However, what is more, striking is how frequently we commit to change only to discover that our old behaviors have returned. How many of us who start with the best intentions return days, weeks, or even months later? How often have we had to make the exact New Year’s resolution after failing to keep it in the previous year or years? Why are many brand-new diets, smoking cessation aids, and treatments for depression and sleeplessness available? Why are self-help books so prevalent? Because despite all of our great efforts and sincere desire to improve, we inevitably end up back where we started, having made little significant progress. This is not how I feel. Change is challenging for various reasons, and the process involves more than just thinking optimistically. Now let’s examine the Law of Attraction.

Clarification of the Law of Magnetic Attraction

The Higher Selves
It is thought forms that have the power to affect what you will externally manifest. Affirmations or deliberately speaking words won’t help you get through this phase. Because cognitive processes are so complex, they go very, very deep. Since thought formations are carried over from lifetime to lifetime, these “altered realities” have an extremely powerful and profound accumulation.

What does the Law of Attraction mean? Numerous metaphysical self-help books, including The Secret, appear to be built around it, even in certain religious doctrines. In a nutshell, it proposes that thoughts are magnetic forms of energy. Whether conscious or unconscious, your primary thoughts will draw events and people to you that reflect those thoughts. Therefore, like attracts like is the fundamental principle. Your life will be more upbeat the more optimistically you think. Every person is accountable for the things they bring into their lives. Is it more complicated than this? Yes.

To alter your life, more than just optimistic thinking is required. Of course, some individuals have transformed negative thoughts into positive ones and increased the good in their life. What does it mean for those who didn’t achieve success by adopting a positive outlook but put in just as much or more effort than those who did? What about people who obtained results but didn’t understand that they either got the exact appropriate result (even though it was unexpected) or that it was just the first step in a process that would take them to the end outcome? What about the life patterns that persist despite efforts to alter them? Or the mental turmoil that causes us to act in unflattering ways?

The fact that the Law of Attraction has not been completely understood is what has been lacking in earlier teachings on the subject. The Law was left unchanged by the Higher Selves. They describe how it operates. Additionally, two myths need to be dispelled. First, a good thought does not cancel out or replace a bad one. It strengthens the negative energy identities, leaving the positive ones free to draw unfavorable circumstances, people, and situations into our lives. The positives we enhance through our ideas are nonetheless incredibly weak compared to the vast negatives because we hold so much more of the negative.

The second fallacy is that negative energy identities still exist even if you never have a wrong thought again. The idea is that energy lasts forever once it is produced. The reason why it’s so challenging for us to change because we keep those harmful altered realities in place. Whether terrible or constructive, energy imprints and thought patterns stay in our etheric bodies. We can be happy when these are favorable. We are worried about what to do about them when they are wrong. To make the negative energies harmless and prevent them from magnetically drawing anything that could harm us, we must neutralize them. The secret to change is neutralizing negativity and utilizing that energy to strengthen our light. Again, the Higher Selves did not alter the Law of Attraction but clarified how it works.

The Transformation from Victim to Leader

We can discover a method to assume responsibility for our experiences once we recognize that we are citizens of a Free Will Kingdom and that our conscious and unconscious choices influence what occurs to us. So instead of blaming someone, something, or some event, we should ask ourselves, “Why did I bring this into my life? How can I change this reality? “How can I prevent it from happening again?” instead of blaming someone, something, or some event.

No judgment is being made here. Not all of us are idiots who consistently make mistakes. Instead, we accept that the human condition is something we are all dealing with. Everybody faces difficulties, enjoys joys, and has moments of astonishment and dismay. The best way to actively participate in your life will be described. There isn’t a magic pill you can swallow and instantly change. Our habits didn’t form over years or lives, so changing them won’t happen now. But with ongoing work, we may alter our practices, uncover hidden potential, and undoubtedly dramatically better our lives.

We shall all be one year older in a year. We can still be dealing with the same problems at the exact location. Alternately, we can employ the straightforward Higher Self tactics to make this year and every year a testament to us becoming far more of what we desire. We are aware of our deliberate decisions. And now we comprehend how, through magnetic attraction, our thinking patterns and habit imprints combine with our conscious choices to produce the external manifestation we call our life. Our lives aren’t being created by someone else. It’s not the cruel deity, Mother Nature, or your jerk of a boss picking on you. Then, we take what life offers us and do our best while simultaneously creating and acting out our patterns, consciously and unconsciously. It is time to take charge, but ignoring the negative and only concentrating on the good is incorrect. There are methods that we can use to accomplish the necessary neutralization. We will not perish. We are not helpless. We do not lack control.

The book “CHOICES: Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints” by author and personal coach Richmond outlines a technique that enables each person to discover they have the power and the skill to break the patterns that keep so many people locked in the same location year after year. Richmond uses one-on-one coaching and group instruction to educate people on how to neutralize the harmful thought patterns that everyone carries. You can contact Janet through her.

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