How to Ship a Car to Another State


If you need to ship a car across state lines, there are numerous auto shipping companies to consider. Get free quotes online to compare their prices before deciding who you work with. Take your time when making this important decision! Do your research first before signing any contracts. Pick out the best car shipping company.

Selecting the ideal car shipping company can save both money and stress. There are various methods for car transporting, such as terminal-to-terminal delivery or door-to-door shipping.


The cost to ship a car across state lines varies widely based on several factors. Vehicle size and weight will have an effect, as will carrier choice; to find the lowest rate available, a reliable auto shipping company should provide quotes from multiple carriers so customers can find their ideal selection. Timing also plays a role; to minimize expenses, try shipping during spring when costs tend to be at their lowest levels.

Your vehicle’s make and model will also determine its shipping costs. Higher-value cars should be transported using enclosed carriers for added protection from weather elements; this option can also provide sentimental value as it protects their value more thoroughly than open transport does.

Additionally, it’s important to remember any additional fees such as fuel costs, terminal fees, and storage charges, which could add up quickly if shipping long distance.

Note that car shipping companies charge a per-mile fee; the further your car travels, the higher its per-mile cost will be. In general, terminal-to-terminal service provides the cheapest way of shipping a vehicle as this eliminates driving your car to its final terminal location and saves money as no driver needs to transport your vehicle there before.

While most auto shipping companies provide flexible payment options, it is best to pay for the entire shipment upfront in order to avoid unexpected fees or charges. Also, inquire with them as to their preferred method of payment: cash, money orders, or checks.

Car transport services can be found across the United States, but certain states may offer more affordable car shipping rates than others. When moving across shapes or country lines, researching local rates could save money while still getting your move completed efficiently and on schedule.


Timelines for shipping cars across states vary significantly based on several variables, including the type and destination of the car being sent, the transport method chosen, the time of year, and fuel costs. Summer and January tend to be busier months for auto transport companies, leading to higher prices than other seasons.

Selecting an ideal shipping company is essential to timely deliveries, considering several factors, such as customer service, reliability, and affordability. Furthermore, select a carrier with good reviews and reputation; local companies tend to have more dependable drivers and can better address any questions related to shipping processes.

There are various ways you can save on car shipping, such as being flexible with pickup and delivery dates and shipping multiple cars at the same time for discounted delivery prices and faster pickup/dropoff. But, if your pickup/delivery dates must remain fixed, make sure you have a backup transportation plan ready in case anything arises that requires your attention on specific dates.

As you compare quotes from various car shipping companies, be sure to read reviews and ratings on trusted review websites. This will provide a direct glimpse into their car shipping experience with past customers and allow for direct comparison between quotes. Ideally, try getting referrals from friends or family who have used one in the past, as this will also give an insight into its performance.

As part of your preparation for transporting your vehicle, make sure that personal belongings have been removed and thoroughly cleaned out before shipment. Furthermore, taking pictures before loading is helpful in spotting any damages during transit and documenting any changes upon delivery with the driver in order to file a claim with the car shipping company if necessary. Also, read through your bill of lading carefully so all damages are accurately recorded in its database.


Every year, millions of Americans move their cars across state lines for various reasons, whether that is work-related or personal relocations. While this process can be tedious and time-consuming, by following specific steps and services, it doesn’t need to be stressful at all; by simply following our tips, you can ensure your car reaches its new home safely.

First, select the shipping service best suited to your needs. Different companies specialize in specific vehicle types, while others can accommodate more flexibility. It’s wise to find an insured and licensed provider before making a decision, read online reviews about different firms before making your choice, and search for companies offering guaranteed pickup and dropoff services.

Preparing your vehicle for shipment means taking several essential steps, including the removal of valuable items and thorough cleaning. Furthermore, emptying the gas tank to reduce weight may help avoid unnecessary delays should refueling be necessary during transport. In addition, take any necessary maintenance precautions, such as correctly inflating all tires and topping off fluid levels as necessary – get an extra set of keys just in case!

Be sure to contact your insurance provider about providing coverage for your vehicle while it’s being transported; most companies offer up to $50,000 of vehicle coverage (not including liability or personal property coverage). It is also wise to inquire with local auto transport companies for any restrictions or requirements they might impose on transporting your car.

Before shipping your vehicle, take pictures of any existing damage so that if it gets damaged during transport, you can file a claim with the carrier and make a note of new cracks on the bill of lading before signing it.

Before shipping your vehicle, it’s a brilliant idea to have it professionally inspected by a trained mechanic. A qualified technician can identify any problems and give an honest report of their condition; ultimately, this can help avoid expensive claims during the transporting process.


If you need to ship your car across the country safely and securely, there are various shipping methods available to you. From hiring someone else to drive it across the country to using a truck and trailer or shipping it by rail – each offers unique advantages and disadvantages, so you must select one that best meets your needs.

When selecting an auto transport company from state to state, be sure to review online reviews and customer ratings as well as how long the carrier will take to deliver your car – this can help determine if shipping your vehicle across state lines is worth its costs.

Before shipping your vehicle, take time to clean and document its condition with photos. This will assist with any potential claims or carrier processing times. Emptying your gas tank is essential due to excess weight being added to it during transportation. Also, make sure any valuables are removed so as to reduce theft during shipment.

Once again, when selecting transport for your car, it’s essential to consider both open and enclosed transport methods. Available transportation is typically more cost-effective and quicker; however, your vehicle remains susceptible to environmental conditions and road debris. Enclosed transport costs more but offers more excellent protection from these threats; for shipments involving high-value cars, it might be the better choice.

If time is of the essence, guaranteed pickup and delivery services could be an ideal way to ship your car quickly and affordably across the country. While not every company provides these services, they’re invaluable if you want your vehicle taken care of quickly – or need an affordable alternative to driving yourself across. With some preparation and research, you can have it shipped seamlessly anywhere across America!

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