Tend to be These HEPA Air Purifier Problems Robbing You?


What are you getting when you buy a DUST air purifier? Why do the costs of room air purifiers proclaiming to have HEPA filters cover anything from under $100 to around $1000? If all DUST filters perform equally as typically the advertising indicates how could you get it wrong buying a cheap air purifier? To find about air purifiers wholesale, click here.

Regarding home air cleaners grow to millions of units each year. This kind of demand puts manufacturers under time limits to lower costs. Affordable surroundings cleaners are certainly delightful, but many are disappointed given that they aren’t getting the performance that they expect.

Even the HEPA home air purifiers, that Titan of the surroundings cleaning industry, is not resistant to performance-robbing, charge cutting measures. But inevitably it is YOU who are currently being robbed.

What do you need to know being a consumer to determine when a DUST air purifier is not going to offer HEPA performance?

The Difference Involving Theoretical HEPA Efficiency Along with Actual System Efficiency

Caused by exceptional high efficiency along with reliability, HEPA filters are incorporated into room electronic home air cleaners to convey high performance to the head of the consumer. What all of these HEPA air purifier manufacturers are not able to tell you is their home air cleaners achieve nowhere near the effectiveness of HEPA filtration.

DUST air purifier ads often condition 99. 97% filtration effectiveness for particles 0. three microns and larger. However, the particular system efficiency for many DUST filter air purifiers on the market is no more than 80%. The 99. 97% efficiency rating refers to the assumptive efficiency rating of the DUST filter media. It doesn’t refer to the filter as a whole as well as the air purifier in which it is utilized.

There are four basic explanations for why your HEPA air purifier experiences this performance loss:

  • True DUST filter media is not utilized. You can recognize this price-cutting gimmick by the Orwellian corporate marketing speak. Rather than just saying HEPA, they add any number of cute prefixes as well as suffixes to the HEPA phrase. Look out for HEPA-type, Micro-HEPA, Ultra-HEPA, HEPA-style, or other comparable variations. The term True DUST was created to counter this mischief.
  • The HEPA media is cracked by the pleating procedure. Quick and dirty will save the day in corporate The united states. If you have a job, you understand. However, fast and furious is not how you make a good HEPA filter. Locate a HEPA air purifier with filtration systems that have been warm rolled or clearly explain they have been authorized free of cracks.
  • There is a loss between the pleated HEPA filtering pack and the filter structure. Look for a HEPA air purifier that uses a filter incorporating tooth spacers to rigidly hold the pleats evenly in place and also reveals a firm seal.
  • There is a loss between the HEPA filter structure and the air cleaner housing. Typically the filter needs to seat tightly against the housing with no holes. This is hard to do in a tender plastic cheap air purifier. Several air purifiers deliberately bypass to adopt the load off and amazing a cheap motor that probably would not withstand the back-pressure of any true HEPA filter.

Ten Top Air Purifiers That Offer

Very few manufacturers reveal often the system efficiency of their air cleanser. Fewer still guarantee along with certifying that efficiency into their HEPA air purifier.

That’s one of many I so highly recommend typically the IQAir air purifiers. They examine every one before it simply leaves the factory and sends you the training efficiency certification. That way you already know exactly what you’re getting. Will not have one of the few to come close to achieving system productivity near the theoretical HEPA filtering efficiency.

Beginning with IQAir, in no particular order, typically the ten top air purifiers I find myself meet and exceed the requirements are:

  • IQAir HealthPro series
  • BlueAir 403, 503 or 603
  • Austin Surroundings HealthMate
  • Alen A350 or maybe A375
  • Aigle 750
  • AllerAir air purifiers
  • Coway AP-1008
  • PlasmaWave 5300 True HEPA
  • CX 1000
  • Germ Guardian Hygia some. 0

Two excellent solutions that stringently test and verify the value of any air cleaner they feature, including those listed above, are generally achoo! Allergy. com along with AllergyBuyersClub. com. Both websites also offer good educational info on air cleaning and allergy symptom control.

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