How to Reset Your Hikvision Password


No matter the issue with your Hikvision device or simply looking to change its password, this guide will show you how to reset it quickly and easily. Note, however, not all methods may work with all devices. Obtain the Best information about هایک ویژن.

Copy your start time and device serial number, send them to the HIKVISION technical support team, and they’ll return a security code; choose one that best matches the date/time configuration on your system.

Method 1: Get Security Code

Hikvision devices have various methods available to them for obtaining security codes. One is through using the SADP tool, which scans your network and displays all Hikvision devices connected with it along with their serial numbers and current dates; you can then use this information to request a reset password from their dealer/reseller. Alternatively, sending an email detailing this information along with the serial number/current date information and receiving a reply from Hikvision support with a reset password reset may work too.

Utilize a website that can assist with obtaining your device’s security code. The algorithm on such websites generates a code using the serial number and date of your camera, then sends the code via email or phone number so you can enter it into the Hikvision device login interface to create a new password.

Hikvision support teams or dealers/resellers should only be contacted if you possess the device’s serial number and date. You can find this either on the back of the NVR/DVR itself or its packaging label; alternatively, you could contact the store where you purchased it directly and ask them for this information.

Resetting the password can also be done by typing a special command into your browser and seeing what happens next. A dialog will appear, allowing you to input and confirm a new password before clicking “OK” to save and validate. Once this process has been completed, your Hikvision account should be accessible again so that you can view video feeds again.

Resetting a Hikvision password quickly is made possible via this method, taking only minutes on any computer with access to the internet. Be mindful that passwords are case-sensitive and must match exactly.

Method 2: Export XML File

Hikvision products are well known for their superior quality and cost-competitiveness, yet are susceptible to security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. To counteract any possible hacking attempts, users can utilize a password reset tool that creates a unique XML file to reset their device password securely without firmware updates – however, this method can be risky if misused, and rebooting after exporting an XML file will negate this reset mechanism.

To export an XML file, users must first access SADP and select their device using the checkboxes on the left side of the SADP window. After selecting, click the EXPORT button, which opens a dialog to export the reset file directly into the folder on your computer or send it to Hikvision Technical Support or a local dealer containing the Serial number, MAC Address Timestamp Version as well as Firmware Version, which is valid for 24 hours after the being generated.

Hikvision will return an encrypted key consisting of numbers and letters (8 bytes). After sending in their XML file, users can choose where their encrypted file should go, input their new password, and confirm.

This process is quick, safe, and can help users avoid issues with their Hikvision devices. Unfortunately, however, the XML file can become lost or corrupted over time; for this reason, it should be stored somewhere safe so users can retrieve it later if needed.

When resetting your password, ensure you have a backup XML file just in case you forget it and are forced to contact the company for assistance. Be mindful that errors may arise while exporting an XML file due to various causes – including not rebooting the device, insufficient generation of an XML file, or changes in condition, for instance.

Method 3: QR Code

If you have forgotten the password for your Hikvision IP camera, NVR, or DVR, there are several methods of resetting available to you. Use of the SADP tool or emailing technical support may work; however, they require internet connectivity as well as being on a local network and may not work for all devices; for safety’s sake, try another approach first before giving these a try.

First, locate your device serial number; this can usually be found either on its label or menu. Next, determine when it was created – this will provide a password reset code that enables you to log in and change your password.

The SADP software provides the fastest path to reset your password quickly and efficiently. This small program exploits backdoors on many Hikvision devices and can be found free on GitHub for use with any browser. Alternatively, try the QR code method to see if it works better for your device.

Once the SADP software has been downloaded and installed, run it to search for online Hikvision devices on your network. When it finds one, it will display specific details about that device, including its name, serial number, IP address, etc. When done searching, you can use its Export feature to save a file with all that information onto a location of your choosing on your computer containing its complete data such as its name, serial number, IP address, etc.

Once the XML file has been uploaded, send it directly to the Hikvision technical support team or your dealer/reseller, and they will reach out promptly with a new password – typically, this process should take approximately an hour during business hours; if your email was sent outside business hours or after hours, you might need to wait up to one day until a response arrives back from them. When reset is completed, you will have a brand new password and can start using your security system again!

Method 4: Send Email

Hikvision is an iconic name in security technology, and its products are highly acclaimed. However, like any device, hikvision products may be vulnerable to hacking or other security risks; therefore, users must know how to reset the password of their hikvision devices in case of password loss or change for security purposes – there are various methods available.

First, export an XML file and send it off to Hikvision’s technical support team. This process should only require minimal information from your device – its serial number, current date/time/start time, etc. Once submitted to them, Hikvision will provide a security code that you can use to enter your new password to reaccess it.

Email can also be an effective way to reset your hikvision password, though this approach differs in that you won’t require physical access to the device; instead, send an email with details about your device as well as the password reset key given by support team.

This method may not be as secure, but it still can provide an option if you can’t locate or download an XML file for your device. Simply emailing your request to an email address listed on the website will allow you to receive a password reset code within an hour of sending your request.

Once you’ve received your verification code, you can reset your password through either the NVR/DVR local GUI or via Hik-Connect or Hik-Partner Pro on your phone. Enter the code to verify your account before signing into your device to create a new password.

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