Siemens 20 Amp GFCI Breaker


GFCIs are installed in service panels (breaker boxes) to safeguard against severe electrical shock. While a GFCI outlet only protects its outlet, a GFCI breaker provides more comprehensive protection of an entire circuit. The actual Interesting Info about عامل فروش زیمنس.

This Siemens plug-in breaker provides both Combination Type AFCI and 5mA GFCI protection in one OCPD for maximum space savings and easy wiring. This innovative solution saves both time and space!

UL Listed

Siemens dual-function plug-on electronic breakers feature Class A 5mA GFCI and combination-type arc fault protection in one device, making them the first of their kind in electrical safety for homeowners. Their innovative design eliminates the need for separate AFCI and GFCI receptacles – an innovation made even more secure by their self-test function that meets UL 943 requirements, adding another layer of security for households.

GFCI circuit breakers protect from severe electric shock and electrocution caused by ground faults in a system. These devices are designed to de-energize all ungrounded conductors in order to stop current from flowing to equipment – this way preventing it from diverging off course and leading to severe electrical shock or even death.

These Siemens GFCI breakers are both UL-listed and CSA-certified as Class A devices, meaning that they have been rigorously tested to the latest standards to provide your home with superior ground fault protection. Furthermore, their cutting-edge Self-Test and Lockout mechanism required by UL 943 allows the device to independently and continuously assess itself for any compromise in functionality or compromise in detection – this also prevents homeowners from accidentally resetting it unknowingly, providing unparalleled ground fault protection.

Testing your GFCI circuit breaker regularly is recommended to ensure its proper function. Simply depressing the test button will result in its handle moving into an intermediate position to indicate it has been tested – much easier and safer than manually resetting your breaker to see if it trips!

CSA Certified

Siemens provides Class A ground fault protection with their range of GFCI circuit breakers for construction applications. These 20 A-rated 1-pole circuit breakers from Siemens offer Class A ground fault protection to safeguard against severe electrical shocks or electrocution caused by leakage current from an ungrounded conductor, ideal for use with spas, hot tubs, kitchens, and bathrooms as well as having the self-test function required by UL 943 to guarantee reliable performance under challenging conditions.

The Self-Test and Lockout feature of this breaker was developed to meet the stringent standards set out by UL 943. This intelligent system continuously assesses GFCI integrity, detects any compromise, and activates a self-trip mechanism that prohibits reset by homeowners – significantly decreasing any chances of incorrectly believing their device is working when it actually is not.

This GFCI circuit breaker features dual-function protection from Arc Faults and Ground Faults, meeting the new 2014 National Electrical Code requirement that both types of protection be installed in kitchen and laundry circuits. By complying with this law using just one device, you save both time and money during installation.

Self-Test Feature

The Siemens single pole 20 amp GFCI circuit breaker is an easy plug-in model designed for simple installation. Rated at 120/240V, this GFCI is suitable for use with load centers such as Siemens EQ, Ultimate, ITE, and Gould, as well as panels manufactured by Pentair Jandy and Hayward.

GFCI circuit breakers protect equipment against damaging line-to-ground fault currents by detecting them and de-energizing any ungrounded conductors on the circuit. Each GFCI comes equipped with a test button so you can ensure its proper function at regular intervals; we suggest testing one every month by pressing its handle into “ON” and depressing its test button – it should trip, signaling it’s working effectively!

This Siemens Dual Function circuit breaker stands out from traditional GFCIs by offering both Class A 5mA GFCI protection and combination type AFCI protection in one convenient unit, giving homeowners additional peace of mind as the 2014 National Electrical Code requires both kinds of protection in kitchen and laundry circuits.

This GFCI circuit breaker boasts a speedy response time that ensures the safety of users and equipment alike. Furthermore, its leakage current protection meets requirements set by NEC for personal protection against severe electrical shock, with its tamper-resistant design preventing any unauthorized resetting of its GFCI unit.

Ground Fault Equipment Protection

The National Electrical Code mandates the installation of GFCIs in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoors. These devices can detect line-to-ground fault currents that could cause shocks; when caught, they de-energize all ungrounded conductors in this situation and stop electricity flow; additionally, they prevent grounding fault formation for equipment grounding purposes and protect against equipment shocks that may come from contact with live wires, water or metal objects (but do not protect against shocks caused by direct contact with live wires). However, they cannot prevent shocks caused by physically touching an exposed live wire directly – only their detection capability ensures their use!

A GFCI is designed to detect potential shock hazards before they reach humans, using an internal current transformer that detects any differences between current going in and returning from the equipment as soon as they occur. Rated at less than ten milliseconds of trip time, its operation significantly reduces the chances of lethal shock. Ideally, they should be tested prior to each use, after storms, or when left unused for extended periods.

Be sure to test GFCIs and AFCIs regularly to make sure they are functioning as intended. Siemens Dual Function Breakers offer both AFCI and GFCI protection in one unit for easy installation and wiring savings, meeting UL 943 standard requirements while boasting the advanced Self Test & Lockout feature that automatically evaluates its functionality without accidental reset from homeowners.

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