How much does it cost to rent a boat in Barcelona?


As a famous Indian writer and poet once said, “You cannot conquer the sea while you stand and look at the waves.” However, you can feel like a true conqueror and relax while gaining strength by deciding to embark on a boat trip. The water has a calming effect, charges you with positivity, and leaves you with positive emotions. What could be better than taking your friends or significant other on an adventure?

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Barcelona?

Clients are offered a wide selection of yachts to suit every taste and budget. The cost depends on the type of vessel and the rental period. The followings are the various options and their prices:

Sailing yachts without motors are the most budget-friendly option, and they are typically used for learning to sail.

Motor sailing yachts include vehicles with engines of varying power and sailing and motor catamarans. Their cost usually doesn’t exceed 450 euros per hour. Still, there are also expensive, comfortable catamarans and sailboats with large cabins and recreational areas, which can cost up to 2500 euros per hour.

Fast, modern boats are available in different sizes, with some models reaching up to 12 meters in length and width. Their cost is up to 350 euros per hour.

Motor yachts’ rental fees depend on the vessel’s category and additional options such as lift-closing doors, soft seating areas, and sunbathing areas. The average cost is around 500 euros per hour.

Motor yachts with a flybridge are more appealing for walks in a large group or sea excursions due to the presence of a second deck. Prices start at 600 euros per hour.

VIP yachts provide luxury and comfort with expensive designs and comfortable cabins, starting at 800 euros per hour.

For more information on yacht rental prices in Barcelona, visit Everyone can find a suitable option for yachts or catamarans there.

What awaits you at sea?

Sunbathing, beautiful scenic views, refreshing breeze, swimming in clear water, and much more. Spend unforgettable hours of relaxation with pleasant company and a glass of excellent champagne. You can organize fishing trips and enjoy freshly caught fish. You can rent the selected transport for the required time and sail as far from the coastline as you wish. The maximum level of safety is provided by special rescue equipment. Modern boats are available for events such as weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, and other banquets. The impressive size of the courts allows you to arrange discos and other entertainment on them.

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