Rent a Boat in Malta


Rent a boat and experience Malta from its scenic coastline! For those with valid boating licenses, bareboat charter offers the freedom to take charge of the yacht themselves. Read the Best info about boat rentals in Malta.

From its prime Mediterranean position, Malta is an idyllic boating spot. Discover hidden coves and explore iconic landmarks from the water—it truly offers boaters paradise.


Malta, an island jewel situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is an excellent sailing vacation destination. With crystal-clear waters and stunning coastal landscapes, renting a boat is one of the best ways to explore Malta’s secret coves, beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and hidden coves.

Looking for an intimate sunset cruise, an exciting ocean adventure, or anything in between? Sailo offers the ideal sailboat rental to meet all your needs. Our advanced search filters will quickly narrow your options until you find your ideal Malta boat rental. You can choose the type, number of guests, trip length, and whether or not a skipper will be included. You can also view boats with or without a skipper and charter a fully crewed yacht or go bareboat (no captain included).

Sailing boats offer an incredible sense of freedom and adventure, whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner looking to learn. No matter where your experience levels lie, harnessing the wind will allow you to explore Malta’s picturesque shoreline while exploiting its power – extend your sailing trip even further to Gozo or Comino, which are just an hour’s sail away.


Malta’s crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and rich history make it the perfect destination for a sailing vacation. With the help of Click & Boat, you can connect with local boat owners and find the best vessel for your needs. From sailboats to motor yachts, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Plus, you can even hire a skipper and crew for a deluxe experience.

The type of vessel you choose for your Malta yacht charter will depend on how long you’re going to be on the water. For a day trip, you’ll want to opt for a fast RIB or motorboat, which can get you to your destinations in no time. For a more extended sailing holiday, it’s recommended to rent a catamaran, which is spacious and offers amenities like kitchens and cabins.

A catamaran is also ideal for exploring Malta’s unique coastline. From the water, you can discover hidden coves and swim in pristine waters. Plus, you can visit some of Malta’s most famous landmarks. This includes the capital of Valletta, which is covered in stunning architecture and home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You can also sail to the island of Gozo, which is home to stunning beaches and gorgeous scenery. The island’s electric blue waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Plus, you can explore some alluring shipwrecks near the Wreck of Xlendi.


Maltese Islands provide an abundance of aquatic activities. You can swim in crystal-clear waters or visit one of many renowned diving sites; charming beaches and charming coves can also be explored via boat. Don’t forget to make time for Valetta, Malta’s capital city, where its picturesque streets and impeccable old architecture will leave an indelible mark on you!

A private yacht charter in Malta is an ideal way to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you want to sail around Comino for the day or spend a relaxing weekend sailing around Blue Lagoon, luxury boats are available for rental. Prices depend on the type, number of people aboard, and the type. Most boats include a captain and crew, so you don’t have to navigate and operate them yourself!

If you are an experienced sailor, renting a bareboat charter may offer the freedom and adventure you seek. This approach allows you to explore hidden coves and deserted beaches at your own pace. However, please keep in mind that food and drinks will need to be brought aboard with you; rental rates start from as little as EUR350 per day!


Malta’s crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches make it the ideal setting for a yacht charter. Explore this island nation on a weekend getaway or spend a weeklong sailing around its archipelago of Malta, Gozo, and Comino; there is something available for hire that meets everyone’s needs and preferences! With such an extensive fleet of vessels to rent, both experienced sailors and novice boaters will easily find something suitable.

Start your visit to Malta by exploring Valletta, its capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historical landmarks and architectural marvels. Stroll through narrow streets admiring St John’s Co-Cathedral before soaking up panoramic views from Upper Barrakka Gardens. Further expand your horizons beyond Valletta by discovering Malta’s diverse historical tapestry, such as the prehistoric megalithic temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra.

Planning a sailing vacation to Malta? April to October is ideal for optimal conditions and reduced crowds when weather and sea conditions are at their most accommodating. From November to March, the off-peak season offers quieter waters at some of Malta’s popular marinas.

Start your boat charter search in Malta using Click& Boat filters by setting your departure date, number of passengers, crew type filter (including captain included, optional paid extra or bareboat) or click directly onto a boat page to open up direct communication with its owner and address any inquiries that arise. Once you find the perfect boat, click directly on its page and start talking directly with them about any queries or specific needs they might have! Once found, click through to it directly and start discussing any details with them before getting on board yourself (boating resume required! Once found, click directly into that boat page and directly engage with its owner while having direct dialogue or any inquiries from you that might arise). When found, click directly onto its page and begin communicating directly with its owner. Start speaking directly with them if applicable, and ask if you have any further queries about specifics when chartering yourself (boating resume required!). Having found your perfect vessel, click through directly with them so as to start discussing details about potential chartering with them! When found, click directly through to start talking directly with them or even ask any additional ones that might arise! ) click through its page directly with him/her before setting sail. When ready, once on its page connect directly with the owner and discuss further any concerns directly if necessary (boating resume required! – or start direct conversation regarding questions you might have). When ready). Click on its page by clicking its page by clicking through), and start speaking directly! Click&amp Boat’s owner about any queries regarding renting them directly without further delay… Click& Boat! When found, click! On their owner directly!! Once you have found your ideal boat owner, start discussing it further. Click&amp Boat’s page! Click through the link or page directly for immediate contact ( and start a direct chat directly). Click + Cb!). Click on the page immediately). When found your dreamboat) directly! When I found it! & click its page by clicking through the link) to launch a direct conversation immediately when clicking its page (Click). *Immediately+ClickTM when clicked directly connect through). Click! *ClickTM Click onto its page + CAMP; CAMP before click! ClickTMTM for direct conversation). Start direct dialogue… If your chosen CAMP(r)’s Owner! + CAMP! CAMP) To start any further discussions /s CAMP#… Click& Bav# If available). Now + CAMP#). if needed). Click +B)……. When found one trick/P) Once you find your boat page, initiate a direct conversation +Camp/! &B==>> Click On any boat + Camp | Boat Page then just CAMP > Boat Page from their name it’s page + “click) +……./Commit CAMP,CAMP/s immediately! Click ‘s/Camp and Talk conversation/camp_N+CampUS # directly…………………………………. Click “N…. to directly with the owner by Click! TM……./T/, hit it! Again/US……!…! For your chosen). To talk directly. If I was……………….! > ATM…………………… ***N/………… and asks!……………../ and/………/ to/! =]/W ***……………………………………./IN/….! to….! =/T….!…..! (T….!….)” by Click or SUN/s for……! Now…. When It