Teacher Survival Kit Ideas


Teachers are hardworking individuals who devote countless hours to nurturing young minds. Teachers deserve a thoughtful token to show our appreciation for all they do! survival kits

Send the gift of survival with this personalized DIY kit designed just for teachers! Packed full of valuable items, this back-to-school present will ensure they’re ready for whatever challenges come their way.

First Aid Kit

Teacher survival kits provide teachers with all of the supplies necessary to treat minor injuries and keep students safe during an emergency or evacuation. Easily transportable, teacher first aid kits contain everything required for cleaning, dining, and protecting wounds – ideal for classrooms as well as outdoor school activities like field trips.

While most teachers can effectively treat minor cuts and scrapes on their own, it is wise to have a comprehensive first aid kit on hand in case something unexpected occurs that they cannot manage on their own. Such kits typically include band-aids, tweezers, antiseptic pads, medical tape rolls, and first-aid manuals with step-by-step instructions to follow in an emergency.

Teachers should possess both a first aid kit and basic fire extinguisher training to use. Para’s Blended Standard First Aid & CPR Training offers convenient online self-paced learning combined with hands-on practical experience to provide confidence during emergencies.


Teachers often have an extensive to-do list, and staying energized throughout their workday is paramount. Provide teachers with a selection of snacks such as sweet and salty treats as well as high protein alternatives such as trail mix or granola bars to help keep them going through their tasks successfully.

An effective teacher survival kit must also contain easily portable snacks that will make eating on the go simple, such as individually wrapped fruit snacks or popcorn. By including such treats in their survival kit, you are showing your teacher that you care and wish for their happiness throughout the year.

One way that can help teachers feel refreshed and rejuvenated is with delicious, healthy beverages. A teacher may appreciate a water bottle equipped with a filter to provide fresh drinking water or an insulated mug designed to keep coffee or tea warm for hours at a time.

Teachers spend all day writing, so a helpful notebook can make keeping track of fun and memorable things their students say easier. Plus, adding cute sticky notes as gifts that teachers will use all year long!


Teacher survival kits that include items for hair, face, and body care can make the classroom day less daunting. Items such as travel toothbrushes, deodorant, and lip gloss will come in handy should paint spill out, someone sneezes on you, or you need to touch up makeup.

Teachers need lotion, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes on hand at all times in their classrooms and for themselves when feeling under the weather – and this one-stop teacher survival kit provides everything needed. Included are an Emergen-C packet, Advil tablets, bandage material, tissues, gum pack, mini Wisp toothbrush, eraser, and two paper clips for quick recovery from illness!

Fill a pretty berry basket with these items, tie on this free printable gift tag, and present it to a teacher you care about in an eye-catching presentation box like this one. Or provide a more generic yet still applicable basket with essentials plus extras such as this one – whatever it may be, your special teacher is sure to appreciate these practical presents as it reminds them you appreciate all they go through in their profession and care about them! These practical presents show them you understand their profession as they will think of you every time they use their gift!


Teacher survival kits can include any number of gifts, but the following should be essential components: A personalized mug for their coffee or tea, healthy snacks to keep them fueled during breaks, a mini first aid kit with band-aids and pain relievers in case of classroom accidents, personalized notebooks to stay organized with classes, customized notebooks that help manage notes effectively and water bottles that keep teachers hydrated!

Add something special with a special gift for teachers: facial mist and hand lotion that will soothe their dry hands from constant washing throughout their busy days, or offer daily positive affirmations through a flip calendar with daily encouraging messages.

To complete this thoughtful back-to-school gift for teachers, add some fun by decorating the box with a free printable gift tag from this link below – this will make this survival kit extra thoughtful for hardworking colleagues! Whether it be one of your child’s teachers or one from within your circle of teacher friends, they will undoubtedly appreciate all the thought and care put into creating this kit! Have fun assembling!