How Do I Manage My Instagram?


Maintaining and expanding your Instagram feed can be difficult, requiring time and energy spent producing, editing, and designing quality photos and videos for sharing on the platform. To know more about it click

Maintaining an inbox can be challenging; using a social media management tool to keep tabs on these messages and comments will be helpful in staying on top of everything that needs to get done.


As a creator, you know the key to growing your Instagram audience and brand recognition is consistency in posting to multiple accounts. However,,, planning and curating content for multiple accounts can be time-consuming and ineffective without proper tools.

Utilizing an Instagram planner (such as PLANOLY!) can help you organize and plan for your account more effectively. A quality Instagram planner should provide various features that enable you to keep an eye on your calendar, optimize images and videos for the platform,, and manage social media engagement.

Planable offers all these features in an intuitive dashboard, making it the perfect solution for creators looking to streamline their workflow and get more done faster. Aside from scheduling posts, a planner will also help organize ideas and goals so you can produce top-quality content regularly (more on this later). A great way of doing this is by creating post categories consistent with your brand’s visual theme.


Posting Instagram updates regularly is one of the best ways to build an engaging presence and free up more time in your day. However, this requires creating content with specific timing that aligns with audience engagement times.

SocialPilot can help you use Instagram strategically by scheduling posts in advance and staying on top of your account. Use its Best Time On feature to find out which hours would best meet the activity level of your audience and share pictures or videos during them.

Your post can then be designed using Instagram’s built-in editor to ensure that your photo or video meets Instagram’s size and format guidelines and that its caption meets length requirements. Finally, select a date and time for publication (up to 75 days ahead), using either the Profile icon at the bottom of the app or the Scheduled Content viewer to manage scheduled posts.


Managing multiple accounts can be challenging when running a business or a side hustle on Instagram. Luckily, there are tools designed specifically to assist in this regard so you can work them without surrendering control and access to any of them.

Circleboom provides an all-in-one social media scheduling app designed to post and manage Instagram efficiently. By scheduling posts across Instagram profiles (branded or non-branded), as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. – as well as many other platforms like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google My Business Pinterest TikTok, etc. – Circleboom makes posting and managing Instagram much more straightforward and works for you more effectively than ever!

Create your post by uploading photos or videos, adding captions from your library or custom ones, editing with filters, brightness, cropping, text overlay, emojis, location stamps, and time stamps, and adding a vignette effect. Carousel posts have become especially popular on Instagram, allowing you to show multiple photos/videos in a slideshow for followers to explore and enjoy.


As an Instagram manager with multiple accounts, it can be challenging to stay on top of comments and direct messages that come through for each. Switching between them when posting can also take time.

But you needn’t fret; there are tools available that can assist in more efficiently managing your Instagram account. With them, you can access and moderate all organic post comments and ads posted to one central dashboard stream or stream.

Utilizing these tools can save time while helping you to remain on your regular schedule. Furthermore, they can assist in expanding Instagram followers and improving engagement levels.

Saved replies (available only to business and professional accounts on Instagram) can help your brand remain consistent by responding quickly to frequently asked questions and concerns, especially when working with multiple individuals.

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