Choosing a Cleaning Service Company As well as Private Maid


How can you end up being certain that your cleaning company or private maid will be trustworthy? According to Mark Rosell of The Mang Insurance Party, a national survey regarding insurance companies concluded that 44. 6% of all theft claims are usually derived from domestic cleaning providers. Check out Privat rengøringshjælp?

In addition, Mr. Rosell declares that most cleaning service online businesses are underinsured – guarding themselves against theft regarding company property but not gift-wrapping their customers in cases of theft. They also stated that criminal history checks are not required to obtain bonding insurance. 

These incredible facts should be of great concern to anyone selecting domestic help. Before you accept letting a stranger inside your home, whether you are hiring a privately owned maid or a cleaning company, you must be assured that you are not adding yourself at risk.

As a cleaning service company operator for more than two decades and as a consultant regarding residential cleaning companies for seven years and counting, I have heard about many activities. Aside from underinsured organizations that may have criminals on employees, there are fewer dire worries to consider. One woman arrived home from a month within the hospital to find her maid had not only relocated in but brought the girl family of five with her. 

An additional hired franchise support came in to pick up her check every time they were supposed to clean the girl’s home. I’ve been told about another franchise service that sent a team of three cleaning ladies to do a cleaning, but the client could not communicate with them simply because none of the three-spoke English.

To ensure that you have a tolerable experience, you must do your research ahead of hiring a cleaning company. These recommendations are:

1) Do not forget that the fee alone ought not to determine who you work with.

2) Ask for proof of insurance plan to be sent directly from the company so that you will have a contract on hand should an episode occur. (Insist that the insurance plan certificate is mailed to anyone by the insurance company, not typically the cleaning company. ) Here are several coverage guidelines:

  • Relationship insurance can be as low because $1 000 and safeguards you against theft ONLY if this is a Third Party Bond. Proper protection would be a minimum of a $25 000 third party bond.
  • Liability coverage ensures that any accident will not be charged for your homeowners’ policy and safeguards you against damage ONLY if it is Third-Party Coverage. A minimum of $1 000 000 is desired for liability coverage.
  • Worker’s compensation ensures that any personal injury occurring on your house is not charged to your home customer’s policy.

3) Be certain that you feel comfortable with the cleaning company owner, as they will be your get in touch with should there be any problems with the service. Ask about company policies concerning inadequate service, issues of personnel, and insurance claims.

The length of time will it be before you are reimbursed intended for damaged or missing goods? Will you be refunded for not enough cleaning, or will some team be sent to re-clean your home, and how long can this take?

4) Question if the cleaning company investigates employment and criminal records. From a hundred applications reviewed, you can invite an average of ten intended for interviews because of a lack of stableness in work history and residence.

Outside the ten applicants invited for an interview, nine are taken away because of poor work-life values, excessive residences, and records of criminals. Although my company might bring in more immediate earnings if I carelessly hired anybody who applied, I guarantee you that repeat company would suffer tremendously and my customers would feel violated.

5) How far back again does the company check court records? A ten-year criminal court records search is the legal maximum in certain states; however, something like a 20-year check is more appealing. I have seen applicants who have appeared to be upstanding citizens nevertheless had criminal records reminiscent of well-known outlaws of the Wild Western world.

One young woman who applied to be a maid possessed six pages of crimes and served time for harmless cracking! Another mild-mannered applicant had served a chance to armed robbery. Although these are typically extreme cases, they are to make a point — if your washing service does not check court records, you may be inviting the felon into your home.

Usually, candidates’ criminal records are clean; however, 10 percent include assault, disturbing the actual peace, and serious visitors violations. These are the data of applicants whose programs were above average — suppose who will be sent to your house if the company you employ does not enforce the most strict hiring policies?

6) If you prefer to hire a private housemaid, then be certain that you perform a criminal record check. Remember that appearance might be deceiving, and references might be falsified.

In most situations, your own personal greatest concern will be acquiring value for your investment. When you invest $120 to have the house cleaned and are unhappy while using results, you have the opportunity to view first-hand how the internal guidelines of the company work. Will the company have policies, methods, and resources that allow them to handle your complaint expertly and with diplomacy?

Do they provide immediate remedies to correct any difficulty? Not only should you be assured that this company you have invited to become such an important part of your daily life will clean your home correctly and without incident, however, that they will take your concerns significantly.

The labor intensity from the residential cleaning industry is usually equally rivaled by the interaction and management intensity. If the cleaning company does not make the most of proper management techniques, your recent experience will not be desirable.

To summarize, as with any important decision, you must educate yourself before making a final alternative on which company you’ll let clean your home. Make questions by phone, in person, online, speak to friends and neighbors about their activities with local cleaning organizations.

Bottom line – you are on the point of inviting people into your residence, for many their most privately owned and prized possession. Make sure that your decision is educated and also prudent, not only based upon price. Like numerous of our customers, you may find which the same helpful faces and good services are a vital part of your life a decade later.

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