Building Successful Businesses Through Professional Relationships: The Power of Networking


The Power of Love, the Power of Positive Thinking, and of course, the Power of Prayer are concepts that we have all heard of. After attending a recent conference, I felt driven to investigate the Power of Networking.

I was honored to attend the 8th Annual National Power Networking Conference in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, last summer. I was aware of the value of networking and considered myself a good networker in finding a job and assisting others in doing the same. In my opinion, this event took networking to a whole new level.

My creative muse was inspired throughout this three-day event with fresh thoughts and concepts on how to grow my company into an organization that would attract a more extensive clientele, generate generational wealth, employ others, and makes a difference in children’s lives.

After agreeing to attend a free “Writing a Winning Sales Proposal” class led by Andrew Morrison, president of the Small Business Camp, I first learned about the Power Networking Conference.

In less than 16 weeks, Mr. Morrison wanted to help business owners design a sales plan that would enable them to produce something of value.

I acted as the test subject for the group in this seminar. I gained knowledge about what makes a strong sales proposal. I also discovered that I should turn my entertaining, participatory math seminars into musical extravaganzas. During this presentation, Mr. Morrison’s activation influenced my decision to sign up for the Power Networking Conference.

Making the most of my time during this three-day event was my priority. I had to attend the seminars and functions that would be most helpful to my company, including the two-minute elevator pitch competition.

Numerous individuals, some strangers, and others recognized faces, were hawking their goods and advertising their companies. By taking part in seminars that taught us how to expand our businesses successfully, stopping by vendor booths, and attending power luncheons, National Town Hall meetings, Power Plenary sessions, Power Panel debates, and award ceremonies, we got to know one another better. Through these gatherings, this conference made critical contacts easily accessible.

Many notable persons appeared on the show, including Ed Gordon, a former NBC, and BET News employee.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Sybil Wilkes and Jeff Johnson shared their knowledge with us. I met Les Brown, a well-known motivational speaker, and Sybil Wilkes in person.

As of this writing, Les Brown, who is 65 years old, has cut back on his speaking engagements and now spends his time developing the next generation of public speakers through his training seminars and teaching CD series. Instead of speaking four times per week, Mr. Brown said he now does so four times per month and “would rather have 25% of 100 people than 100% of myself.” WOW! That is networking in which you spread yourself by way of others.

George Fraser is the driving force behind the Power Networking Conference. The author of three books on networking is Mr. Fraser. Frasernet, a social networking and training platform, was founded by Mr. Fraser.

By utilizing technology to sell their company and fostering “generational wealth” rather than generational debt, businesses may use Frasernet to take networking to an exhilarating new level.

Throughout the conference, we were pushed to put our egos and pride aside to network with others. We were motivated to shift from a “Good Today to Amazing Tomorrow” mindset and a “Work Ethic into a Wealth Ethic.”

The incredible two-minute elevator pitch competition generated significant interest. Participants in the conference were encouraged to submit their participation ideas. Each participant would do a two-minute elevator pitch for their business idea and solicit investment from a stranger. The speaker would turn off the microphone after two minutes. Many extremely successful businesspeople holding signs with scores from 1 to 10 gave the competitors Olympic-style ratings. Following the two-minute pitch, the judges evaluated the contestants and provided insightful criticism.

I was chosen as one of the ten contestants. In my elevator pitch, I explained how my business would combine music, math, and celebrities to stage an event encouraging kids to love math rather than fear it. This concept was discussed in Andrew Morrison’s free lecture “Writing a Winning Sales Proposal.”

Sadly, I did not take home the prize, but I did succeed in other ways. The input from the business leaders was constructive. First and foremost, I was instructed to throw away the note cards. One of my aims in my Toastmasters talks is to achieve this. The other way I won was when plenty of people bought my book, “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math,” and complimented my speech. Since then, I’ve received a ton of mail from folks, many of whom I anticipate will become clients or business partners.

Without Toastmasters, I would never have been able to establish such a close connection with my audience. People stopped me that day and the next, calling me “The Math Lady” and buying my book.

We also taught how to use social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc., for advertising our company. I consequently joined Facebook and the TAG Team Marketing group.

I’m still figuring out how much personal information I should post online. We must each decide for ourselves what to do in that situation.

Promoting Win-Win circumstances is one of networking’s most crucial results. One of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey is this. As vital as it is to promote your business correctly, listening to others as they share theirs is also essential. Before the commercial transaction, it is crucial to have the mindset of helping someone. The possibility of repeat business is higher if there is a shared belief that both parties will prevail.

In conclusion, being receptive to novel concepts and strange individuals is crucial. It is essential to invest in yourself financially and manage your time effectively. Plan and carry out your strategy. As Les Brown says, imitate who you are in others. Utilize technology to your advantage and try your best to establish win-win scenarios.

As we spread the message of the power of love, optimistic thinking, and praise in our interactions, we may reach more people thanks to networking.

Saundra Carter, Math 1 On 1, LLC, and 2009

The CEO of Math 1 On 1, LLC, a business that provides tutoring services in mathematics from arithmetic to calculus in a setting appropriate to the client, is Saundra Carter. Her company also offers engaging, interactive math workshops that can be utilized to raise money for kids’ organizations.

Her books include “How to Help Parents and Kids Get Over the Fear of Math” and the soon-to-be-published “Journey of a Modern Day Writer: Secrets of Successful Self-Publishing.”

LLC Math 1 On.

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