What is the Process of Buying a House?


Buying a property can be a tricky process. There are typically many things to consider, and sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our simple guide to what happens when you buy a house.

Start by Finding a House You Can Afford:

Before you begin narrowing down any properties you like, it’s important to work out a budget that works for you. By realizing your budget, you can narrow down what type of property is realistic for you. Besides working out the overall cost for things, it’s important to take a deeper dive and see the breakdown of each aspect of owning a property, from monthly mortgage repayments to council tax repayments and household bills.

Ensuring You’re Choosing the Right Mortgage:

Applying for mortgages and researching types of mortgages is time-consuming- so it’s good to find out what you want and how you can realistically achieve this. Whether you get a mortgage from an individual broker lender, or if you wish to pay a large down payment and receive help from family- there are plenty of options for you to explore.

Checking Your Credit Report:

Unfortunately, bad credit can ruin everything for you regarding your mortgage opportunities. Before you go ahead and apply for a mortgage, it’s important to check your credit score to ensure that you don’t have any debts or excessive spending that will ruin your mortgage application.

Making an Offer:

Once you have found the property you want to buy, it’s important to find an estate agent and make an offer. It’s important to remember that you only have to pay for an estate agent if you are selling your property. You may have to compete for your offer to succeed, so prepare for lots of negotiating and reoffering.

Arranging Solicitors and Surveying:

If your offer on a property has been successful, then the next step is for you to arrange a solicitor and a surveyor to conduct checks on the property. You will need to check for any problems with the property, which a solicitor and a surveyor will check over. While the solicitor will contain all the legalities surrounding the property, the surveyor will check the property’s condition and report back to your local council on any issues.

Finalize Offer and Mortgage:

Once the survey and solicitor process has been cleared, it’s time to finalize the property deal. Plenty of things can change during this period. For example, if your survey comes back with problems, you may want to ask for a reduction in the price of your property.

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