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Think about a new company name. There are no hard and fast rules, and though a clever and relevant identify can knock the hose off your target audience, a tedious and safe option to know you’re not that enthused. Unique business namesAn excellent name can pop into the head instantly, but if you aren’t getting it right the first time around, take into account that you can always change your name later.

Some of the biggest and most able-minded brands out there have modified their name to one thing, shorter or more catchy. Do you remember when LG once was named Lucky and Goldstar Co? Or when Aviva used to be Norwich Union?

The place to start?

A brainstorm is a great starting point! Sitting down with a few team members as well as colleagues to brainstorm thoughts. Set yourselves a time control for the brainstorm and move somewhere outside of your common working area (maybe find some cakes in, whatever you should relax and be creative). Be sure you keep going even when you come across some gems.

Takeaway – depart sometime after you think about letting things sink inside, and the best names are the ones you remember with no referring back to your records!

Here are some characteristics or guidelines you can consider for establishing and choosing a new business name:

Does what it says

Choosing something functional that identifies what your company does. Selling what or how you carry out what you do in your company name can be an excellent strategy for a set-up business for apparent causes.

This can be fun, specifically if you can allude to something you need to do but not directly mentioning that (if that makes any sense), conjure up some emotive imagining from your target audience. For example, seen of “The Brown Company”? Have a guess what industry these people are in before you ‘Google it.

If you’re planning on expanding down the road, this direction may not suit you; thus, always think ahead.


A personal favorite. Sometimes any name can fall into your current lap, so always listen closely, be on the lookout, and don’t forget that ideas come from everywhere. Being able to tell a story at the rear of your company name or how you will get your company name can pique interest and help make your company name memorable. Have you any idea how the world’s largest maker of construction and mining or prospecting equipment got its name ‘Caterpillar’?

Short and sweet

Quick and punchy names are just not quickly be forgotten. Is it possible to think of any examples of titles with less than three syllables? Virgin, Apple, Nike, to name a few. Using puns or short phrases could prove to be too but be careful is something that can’t get effortlessly misunderstood or mixed up so that it is hard to remember.

Making it way up

The founders of Yahoo and google didn’t find their names in different dictionaries. Combining words or perhaps spelling something differently for making up a word can be risky. However, your target customers may appreciate the creativity, and it can be considered a real differentiator in your market.

Best tips when choosing a new business name

After your brainstorm so when you have some names elevated to your shortlist, here are some considerations and best tips to takeaway:

  • Check accessibility to the company name (use the internet search on Companies House)
  • What is the availability of the domain name (use any domain registration support online)
  • Try out your name by people. If you answer the telephone “hello, xyz company name,” is it audible instantly?
  • Prevent abbreviations or using inventeur. Not only can these proceed wrong, but it is pretty challenging to create something unforgettable. KLM Airlines or DHL are success stories but difficult to emulate.
  • A title starting with ‘a’ can be excellent if a directory site listing is essential, but that isn’t a deal-breaker.
  • Legally there are several restrictions. For example, your business title cannot include any unpleasant words or words which imply a connection with Her Majesty’s Government (e. g. Uk, Authority). You can read more about the actual restrictions on the Companies Home website.