How to Put in New Blinds and Curtains When Remodeling to Sell Your Home


Installing new window coverings is a great way to give your property a facelift and increase its resale value. But, like with other things, there are simple and complex approaches.

Sliding windows are what I’ll be referring to in the following examples.

Blinds that extend horizontally.

1. determine if you will put the blinds inside or outside the window casing. While the interior may look cleaner, the exterior provides better light blocking for early risers.

Your window jab’s breadth could be a deciding factor. Your blinds can rest comfortably within the window jambs of a brick, brick veneer, or concrete block home, as these construction types typically feature wider openings.

The window jambs of a timber frame house with thin timber external cladding may be too narrow to accommodate the blinds, necessitating installation outside the frames. Remember that you don’t want the blinds to scrape against the glass.

In addition, the blinds may not fit appropriately if window locks are installed because the window frame will be more significant.

The second rule of window installation is, to begin with the smallest window. It can be cumbersome to juggle the screw gun, the brackets, and the blinds when attempting to install them. It’s ideal for easing into it with the least burdensome and most straightforward task so you can figure out what works best.

The width of the window jamb will once again dictate the location of the top brackets. If you move the frame too far back, the blinds may collide with the window. I usually move the stand to the front of the jamb to get the most space possible.


The curtain rod should be placed outside the window frame. A telescopic curtain rod can be adjusted to fit windows of varying widths, eliminating the need for custom-cut rods. These rods also take up significantly less room in the trunk than the competition.

When measuring for curtains over a single window, you can start at the desired length of overhang at the top of the window architrave and work your way down.

For a large window that needs a rod hung in the center. Then you may set the ends in place and measure the height of the center post with a string. The rod will remain straight if you do this.

You may be surprised if you assume the floor or window sills are altogether level.

If you have several huge windows along a single wall, this becomes much more important. Put the brackets at both ends and use a string to identify the midpoints. It’s essential to remember that a line can sag once a certain distance has passed. Measure yourself several times to be sure. Curtains that drag in the middle due to an uneven floor surface can be avoided by adjusting the bracket height. You can change the size of your end brackets if this is the case.

Extremely Vital

Determine the correct distance from the ground to the bottom of the rod supports. The curtain’s length, the desired height above the floor, and the rings’ diameters about the rods must all be considered. You may want to lay it out on the floor to get the most precise results.

Curtains should be ironed before being hung. It’s inconvenient to raise them, to discover that they’ve created, requiring you to lower them again.

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