What exactly is an Exotic Car?


Perhaps you have pulled up to a stop gently, minding your own business, and the most incredible car pulls upwards quickly, stopping next to anyone. Then, after staring at the auto and being caught with the driver, you can’t help but wonder what that is. You might have never seen anything the same, and yet you think, is usually that the car I just read about in my favorite car magazine?

Therefore, do you find yourself wondering just what an exotic car is? First of all, as with any explanation, it helps; you will need the official definition of “Exotic.”

ex·ot·ic /ɪgˈzɒtɪk/ Pronunciation Key rapid Show Spelled Pronunciation[ig-zot-ik]


1 . of unusual origin or character; not necessarily native; introduced from foreign countries, but not fully naturalized or acclimatized: exotic foods; unique plants.

2 . strikingly strange or strange in effect or appearance: an exotic look of your hair.

3. of a uniquely brand-new or experimental nature: unique weapons.

4. of, associated with, or involving stripteasing: typically the exotic clubs where strip dance is featured.

5. Something exotic: The bloom show included several sunny exotics with showy plants.

6. an exotic professional dancer; stripper.

In this case, we’ll match up with number 2 simply because the others no longer fit when referencing the vehicle. We’ll avoid the initial, number one definition as not all unique cars are foreign in the united states, and the last term is not because of the cars, except that most amazing cars are considered sexy. That is all that will be mentioned upon THAT subject.

There is a variety associated with “laymen” definitions for what a good exotic car may be explained. Some think it’s a vehicle that costs hundreds of thousands of bucks. That is not necessarily true. A humbly priced Lotus Elise is known as exotic, yet it costs around $50K. Others see an exotic car as you that has doors that springtime forward or are gulled, such as wings. Several exotics have “normal” opening doors. Therefore that’s not necessarily an accurate strategy. Most uninitiated may surmise that an exotic is only associated with Italian or German goods and manufacture. Again, not true. There have been numerous Uk exotics, America has its share of amazing specialty manufacturers, and the Netherlands offers its type of exotic car builder.

Possibly the best, most common thought about exactly what an exotic car is can be boiled down to one easy statement. Do you see one every day? Or, simply put, could you see one on your bumper-to-bumper traffic-packed commute? If the answer is not any, then it’s probably near to being exotic. If you reside near a Ferrari or even Lamborghini dealer, hob button in Beverly Hills, and have a home near Miami. Subsequently, it may not be a realistic assessment. However, for the 00% of us that live in common city locations, typically checking in with your exotic every day is not typical. Some have only viewed such cars at auto shows or on exceptional occasions on a major interstate connecting two cities. Classes numerous websites with “Sighting” posting sections, it’s almost certainly a pretty accurate definition of the “rarity” of an exotic, causing this to be a pretty accurate layman’s concept of “exotic car.”

With that in mind, an exotic car can also be deemed a daily driver but rarely seen. Many exotic auto owners like to drive their cars as much as possible but stay to a minimum due to the excessive mileage limits they put on themselves to keep the resale value. In most major cities, there is usually a higher number of exotic auto owners than one may understand. Most exotic cars spend some time in garages, show areas, and collections. However, you may still find many owners who prefer to take their vehicle out on special occasions and just generate it.

Many additional places can make up an amazing car definition besides simply rarity. Items such as very different shapes and sizes are common aspects of an exotic car. Unique composites that make up the framework or body are also places that set an amazing car apart from its everyday commuter brethren. Powerful motors usually installed in the back are one of the more commonly thought about components. Shifting mechanisms, starter control keys, and flat bottom guiding wheels are some less unusual but common among exotics.

Shape. Many exotics have an extremely distinctive form. They typically are very “Striking” or noticeable, each sitting at a light fuel pump or being powered down the road. Most exotics took on shapes that competitors, many show cars or even concept cars, but which have been put into production as completely operational driveable vehicles. Shapes like wedges as well as hourglass are common ideas.

Size. Several exotics seem to have been small compared to the normal sedan or coupe. Virtually all exotics are a 2-seater, with the occasional version which may have a “token” back place. Some of the larger exotics, for example, the Bentley, are getting large enough to accommodate rear individuals. However, many true exotics are made for two and typically are less than three legs tall. Egress can sometimes be complicated, which makes for another advantage of the definition of an exotic and non-commonality. Most exotics are sports-related, with small sizes and large, powerful engines.

Composites. Many exotics, if not all, include space age or transportable materials slowly finding their way into the larger vehicle makers. Most of today’s aluminum and carbon fibers were first made popular during one exotic brand. Soft materials or new imports that make up the engine compartment are common amongst exotics.

Applications and weight. Most exotics are made up of small sizes throughout stature and length, normally outfitted with large, highly effective engines. The power-to-fat ratio makes it a fatal, if not downright outlawed, combination, thus making it more exotic.

All in all, exotics are not your run-of-the-mill daily motorist. Rather, they are attractive and unusual, yet stunning and very eye-catching. Many, if not all, are rarely noticed and thus make it the primary meaning for most of our population. Irrespective of your gender, it’s nearly impossible not to stare at the abnormal, strikingly different exotic automobile sitting next to you in which red light. Go ahead and focus. It may be a while before you observe another exotic car!

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