Ways to if Google Wrongly ? Bans You from AdSense


AdSense is a good product that has provided quite a few webmasters with a decent salary. Some webmasters have also become millionaires on AdSense income alone.

It is clear that Google is very rigid when it comes to fraud. Webmasters who also click on their own ads usually are stealing from Google and could possibly be stealing from the advertiser who has placed the ad together with Google. If Google were unable hot on finding and ban fraudsters their AdWord consumer bottom would diminish as promoters lost all faith in the scheme and choose one more online advertising strategy.

Sometimes nonetheless Google gets it completely wrong and bans someone from another scheme who is innocent. The moment Google ban you from AdSense it is notoriously difficult to confirm your innocence and get established back in the design.

It may be difficult but decades impossible.

How do I know that?

Well, I was banned erroneously by Google from AdSense and managed to prove my very own innocence, get reinstated and get earned decent AdSense income ever since. If you find yourself in the identical position hopefully reading my very own story will help you get re-instated on the AdSense programme.

ALL RIGHT let’s start at the beginning. We would build my first web page and apply for AdSense. My partner and I didn’t hear anything for 3 weeks so I asked these individuals if I could have an update by means of the Google website. Within 48 hours they provided the following reply.

Hello Paul holmes Middleton,
Your AdSense profile was found to be in connection with an account previously disabled
to get invalid click activity and now we have therefore disabled your personal account.
Publishers disabled to get invalid click activity aren’t going to be allowed further
participation throughout AdSense and do not receive any additional payment.
The earnings on your bank account will be properly returned to the affected advertisers.

As specified in our programme Terms and Conditions, Yahoo reserves the right to terminate just about any publisher’s participation at any time.

Best regards,

The Google AdSense Staff

Well, I can assure a person I was surprised and a little bit upset. I’d never experienced an AdSense account around me so how could my accounts be related to anything not to mention an account previously disabled with regard to invalid click activity!

I had been at a loss. What could I actually do? I knew I was innocent however Google obviously thought or else. Google doesn’t provide a cell phone support line so I experienced no one to ask.

I trawled the AdSense forums with regard to answers and various hypotheses were given some seemed a little far-fetched but one trapped a chord. ‘Possibly the prior owner of your domain ended up being guilty of click fraud and from now on your domain is blacklisted’. This made some impression as I’d only acquired the domain a few weeks previous. This had to be it.

When I thought of a reply that would get some way to proving this innocence and ended up giving the following.

Hi guys,
Information reply.

I have never possessed an active AdSense account thus it can not have been me who had the ‘invalid just click activity’.

My only assumption is that a previous owner from the domain making online money. com experienced their account disabled with this??

Please see the whois information below which shows that We have only owned the domain name since May this year. The actual domain was available and I also have no idea who owned this before me. I can obtain GoDaddy. com to confirm this particular if required.

I am willing to try the AdSense system and can assure you I’m going fully respect your Agreements and programme policies in the event that accepted onto your scheme.

Outlined on our site ask therefore that you make it possible for the account if this site meets your standards.

If you have any further questions with regards to my ownership of making online money. com domain please time to share knowledge. As I said I will be very happy to get further confirmation via GoDaddy. com if essential.

Thanks & Rgds, Henry.

I didn’t get a response for a week so I latest the above email. The next day I acquired the following from Google.

So are: Disapproved application.
Hello Robert,

Thank you for your email.

All of us apologise if the prior disapproval of your application was made within error.

We’ve now examined and approved your application. Book for a separate application authorization email for your records. An approval email also includes detailed directions on how to access your new accounts and get started.

Great!! I had been in and able to begin making money with the AdSense system.

So what is my guidance to people who get suspended from AdSense incorrectly?

I possess four points of advice for everyone unfortunate enough to be in a similar position as me.

1. Be patient. – AdSense is actually growing in terms of people and the AdSense team receives thousands of requests a day with regard to their scheme. Don’t be for you to upset if you don’t hear again from them 48 times. If a week has passed since the communication was resent.

2. Always be polite! – Quite often We hear of people banned through AdSense who go in system guns blazing. I can realize that people are angry and aggravated by being accused of something they didn’t do keep in mind you’re dealing with human beings. Humans don’t react positively in order to be ordered to do something or worse verbally overused. To increase your chances of a positive end result be firm but courteous at all times.

3. Provide proof to back up your innocence. — If possible include evidence to help you prove your innocence. My spouse and I included my ‘whois’ files for my domain for you to prove I had only had the domain for a few weeks. In addition, I offered to provide any further data they required.

4. By no means give up! If you’re innocent no longer give up. If after emailing them several times using the earlier mentioned techniques you don’t get at any place find the details of Google’s HQ for your area (use Yahoo or google! ) give them a get in touch with and ask to speak to them the AdSense team. Write letters give to meet them in person.

If you have been banned from AdSense and it was your negligence the above technique won’t do the job. There is however a common good sense of getting back into the design that has worked in the past for anyone caught cheating. That’s a different article though.

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