Top 5 Virtual Reality Experiences Near Me


Virtual Reality has quickly become part of everyday life in NYC. Top VR arcades provide exciting VR arcade games for you and your family to try together. The actual Interesting Info about virtual reality equipment rental.

FLY ON A BROOMSTICK and take on Death Eaters in this immersive experience at Harry Potter, New York! Your ticket includes a complimentary photo to commemorate your occasion.


Enter another world with virtual reality experiences designed for up to four players simultaneously. The HOLOGATE ARENA offers physically engaging and immersive VR experiences suitable for players of any age or skill level; its revolutionary technology creates a realistic environment with no motion sickness.

Players can select from various virtual reality games that transport them to other planets and realms, whether through shooting games, rhythm, dance battles, or piloting 50-ton combat tanks.

GROOVE GUARDIANS is one of the most captivating experiences, featuring hand controllers to move in digital space for music challenges and dance battles, with crowd-pleasing music and multiplayer synchronized hand controller movement, drawing them in for crowd-pleasing and spectator entertainment. Another popular experience is SIMURAI, an addictive team-based cooperative shooter that pits players against waves of menacing robots, spiders, and drones with power-ups that transform blasters and add various abilities, with large program monitors that showcase gameplay as spectators join in for action themselves! On the HOLOGATE platform, large program monitors also show gameplay for spectators so they can join in on the action themselves!

Virtual Rabbids

Virtual Rabbids is an immersive VR game for multiple players that immerses you in its virtual reality environment. This unique VR experience lets you interact with holograms that stimulate all five senses, providing an entertaining way to relax with friends while having sun! It makes an enjoyable way of passing the time.

Rabbids want to take you for a ride! The first attendant-free VR arcade game boasts three premium experiences for an exciting virtual reality arcade experience, offering plenty of thrills and spills! A fantastic location earner, it has proven popular at FECs and arcades.

Virtual Rabbids’ new Ultra HD model boasts HTC VIVE Pro 2 headsets with higher resolution, wider field of view, and the latest Nvidia RTX graphics card for an unparalleled immersive VR experience. In addition, its next-generation D-Box motion base and dynamic wind simulation provide maximum engagement for an even richer unattended VR attraction experience. This upgrade provides even more revenue potential to this proven attraction with unattended, unattended VR attractions, and the Mini version can easily fit into smaller venues like pubs or historic locations with limited ceiling height for quick setup and installation

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game that will immerse players into music like never before, featuring gorgeous neon visuals with pulse-racing music and action gameplay tailored for maximum effect.

The VR experience allows players to use two lightsabers simultaneously to slash blocks perfectly timed with handcrafted music, creating an enthralling game that proves virtual Reality can produce engaging games that engage broad audiences. The game was an instantaneous hit.

Although developed by only two developers, this game quickly became a phenomenon. A significant milestone for virtual reality gaming, its easy learning curve and addictive nature quickly cemented it as a must-have content on any virtual reality device.

No longer restricted to simple games, there are now many immersive experiences beyond classic video games. From flying around in VR Google Earth or riding roller coasters to exploring human bodies as red blood cells, there’s something special for every adventurer.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars fans can step into the shoes of their heroes and battle across the galaxy with this innovative virtual reality experience. Players are given control of a starfighter while flying through the sky and shooting down enemies to bring the Star Wars universe to life like never before!

Virtual reality games take you on adventures or terrifying thrillers beyond the bounds of comfort, yet few create the feeling of sitting in a cockpit as X-Wing VR does. Its buttons beep as S-foils clunk into place when firing lasers – making this one of the most immersive and enjoyable space games available for VR headsets.

Lone Echo, another outstanding space-themed VR game, boasts an engaging main story and puzzles to complete. Its movement system is unique as players can grab onto surfaces to propel themselves through space – offering something different than most VR titles focusing on combat. Available on PSVR, PC VR Headsets, and Oculus Quest.

Main Event

Cosmic CAMP in Brooklyn’s City Point provides an immersive virtual reality experience suitable for the whole family. Explore lava fields, ice crystals, and alien habitats using digital wristbands – with prices beginning at $25 for an hour of playback!

VR World, located at 4 East 34th St in NYC, is a premier virtual reality arcade center for tweens and teens. Offering Arizona Sunshine, Richie’s Plank Experience, and Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill among other virtual reality video games, their wide selection also includes zombie shooting, painting 3D studio sessions with VR sculpting tools, archery target practice, or driving cars in a simulator game – plus much more.

RiseNY, a virtual reality (VR) experience designed for kids aged ten years or younger, allows participants to take a simulated aerial tour of New York’s most iconic sights for just $29 per person and requires 40 inches tall or above to participate. The entire ride lasts 35 minutes.

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