Top 5 traits of a good SEO consultant in London


Every business wants to be in the top positions in the search results. You will reap enormous benefits if you can get there; you’ll get more customers and improve your bottom line almost instantly.

But this is hard, and many businesses struggle to achieve this.

You can work in-house to reach this goal, or you can outsource this work to an SEO consultant in London.

But how do you know if a consultant can get you to that top spot? Here are five traits to look out for to help you answer that question.

How long have they been working as SEO?

Always ask this question. A great SEO consultant will have worked on many sites over several years.

Look for around ten years minimum. This will be enough to have experienced much of what Google can throw at you.

Reviews, reviews, reviews

Why not check reviews of the SEO consultant you are looking to hire? Knowing that other businesses have worked with this consultant can rest your mind.

You can see what the results of those working relationships were and use this information to understand if the professional will be a good fit for your project.

A genuine passion for SEO

You want to work with a passionate consultant about the industry they work in and the services they deliver.

Does the consultant you are looking to hire regularly attend conferences? Do they have a social media account where they are engaging with the SEO community?

James Ewen, the founder of SEOtagg in London, regularly attends these conferences and posts tips and tricks on his Twitter account. This shows their passion site to his SEO work and is what leads to great results for his clients.

Do they guarantee results?

Of course, you can’t guarantee this. But a good SEO will tell you what you can expect and offer some guarantee around this.

This could be as simple as just showing ranking growth. But it can’t hurt to ask your SEO consultant that guarantees they can give you.

Will they talk to you in person?

Another great way of telling the truly great SEOs from the average is to call the head consultant.

James says that he personally introduces himself to every potential client, ensuring transparency and ensuring that he can provide what the client needs.

These calls are often the most revealing part of the onboarding process, and they ensure that both client and consultant are on the same page for the project as we advance.

There you have it. Look for these traits next time you are in the market for a great SEO consultant in London.

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