Top 10 Reasons to Hire Freelance Developers for Your Start-up


You require resources and a workforce to handle various departments, like Management, research, and development, web and application designing, content writing, marketing, branding, etc.

Building a startup is not an easy task. Resources and money are limited for a startup; thus, hiring full-time employees can feel like a punch to the gut. Hiring freelancers is a good option, as getting experts at a minimum price gets the job done in due time. As a startup, you can hire a developer or outsource a whole team. But to hire freelance developers is a more popular choice.

Businesses are evolving. Many companies are opting for freelancers and remote developers instead of traditional employees as it helps them in getting more work done at a low price and a faster pace. So let us discuss the benefits of why startups should hire freelance developers and the ten main reasons for you to hire freelance developers.

Why companies hire freelance developers

It is the age of digitization, and companies are swiftly adapting it into their ecosystem. Even non-technical startups understand the need for web and app development in their business. For that, you need to hire skilled and experienced developers who can make ends meet and provide brilliant solutions.

Since the pandemic hit, companies have been re-assessing their organic business models and are choosing more freelancers and outsourced staff instead of in-house employees. The reasons are simple- Firstly, the pandemic forced businesses to adopt new changes, which led them to opt out of the traditional approach. Secondly, companies realized that they don’t require employees to be at the office, and the work can be done remotely, over video conference, and via online tools. Thus, saving them a lot of bucks in the long run.

Moreover, it also opened gateways to hire freelance developers from anywhere around the globe. Freelancers are highly skilled individuals who specialize in a specific domain. To hire a freelance developer means you are getting your apps and web-based software designed, developed, and deployed remotely via experts spread throughout the world.

Top 10 reasons to Hire Freelance Developer:

1. Cost Effective-

As a new startup, you surely deal with a tight budget. Cost reduction is one of the main goals of startups, and freelancing helps. Hiring in-house developers mean paying for infrastructure, hardware, medical benefits, training, etc. Still, there is no guarantee that they work efficiently during office hours.

Hire freelance developers means you save on these costs and still get value for money.

2. Efficiency-

Freelancers are available with varying experience and skills that you can choose depending on your project. Remote developers are dedicated to the project and deliver high-quality work in due time. They can give suggestions, develop your projects, help in market research, and can build the projects that sell.

Before you hire freelance developers, you can check out their previous works, get client reviews to know their expertise and can compare them with others to get your ideal team members.

3. More Concentration-

As a startup, your team and workforce are usually small. Responsibilities of most of the tasks fall upon you, from management to product designing to marketing to legal issues; you are caught up in so much stuff that it becomes hard to concentrate on the core strengths of the startup.

It is straightforward to lose track of the bigger picture in this daily ruckus. To ease things up, you can hire freelance developers to help complete the necessary routine tasks and focus on the other business areas.

4. Increased Flexibility

Many web and mobile development companies follow the routine job schedule of 9 to 5. This rigid schedule follows a strict discipline that can get restrictive not only for the employees but also for the company. Moreover, there can be a lot of pending projects due to a limited workforce or quick urgent projects.

On the other hand, you can hire freelance developers that can work for any number of hours you require. You can even recruit as many developers as you have several projects. Since you are outsourcing, the world is a limit. You can hire freelance developers worldwide, giving you more flexibility and speed.

5. Value For Money

When you hire any app or web developer, you often pay for the hiring process, the infrastructure, electricity bills, hardware, and other resources- most of which are not required. On the other hand, you can hire freelance developers already skilled with resources at their hands, thus saving a lot of costs. Moreover, they are available at a varying price level that you can choose from according to your budget. This can help you tremendously from wasting money on things your company doesn’t need.

6. Networking

Freelancers often join communities such as GitHub and Reddit or marketplaces such as Optimize and Toptal. They share their resources and build a network for themselves with other technicians. Sometimes they even work in teams with experts from other streams, expanding their network in other disciplines. That means, if you hire freelance developers, you are not only hiring a few individuals but also getting a whole network of other useful talent that you can use for your other projects.

7. Innovation

In traditional companies, employees must follow the company’s guidelines strictly while doing their daily work. They have to use the resources that the company provides, the hardware and software the company has, which often puts restrictions to creativity and innovation. Many people who are skilled in particular software have to learn a new methodology as per the company’s demands. But that’s not the issue with freelancers.

Since they use their resources, software, and methodology to complete the tasks thus, you should hire freelance developers as it allows more fresh ideas, growth, and finding new skills to develop, which allows the company to expand their services.

8. No Training required-

Freelancers are already experts in their arena. Even if someone is freshly starting remote working, they still have the skill set to provide quality work. Hiring freelance developers, thus, saves you a lot of time and money in training them and testing their abilities. You can directly hire them and send them the work. Moreover, they already have the necessary resources and tools available for work. You can just give them instructions on how you want the project to be and then just wait till the due time.

9. Less Responsibilities

With traditional employees, you have to take full responsibility for their work, even behavior, and discipline. You also need to provide insurance and manage taxes giving health benefits and incentives. If you hire freelance developers, you don’t have to pay for any of these. Most of your time and effort will be saved, and instead of these shortcomings, you will pay more attention to the more essential tasks. You don’t have to build a separate department to handle such responsibilities.

10. 24 Hours Support

One of the biggest benefits of hiring freelance developers is that you are not bounded to any particular region. You can hire freelance developers from anywhere around the world, giving you flexibility in time. Moreover, freelancers are available 24/7. Hence, you can provide them with work even after office hours, or if they are from different countries, they will be working in their time zone, which is another benefit. Additionally, there is no “weekend off” thing with them either. If something critical needs to be done before Monday, you don’t have to depend on the office schedule or stress some employees on holiday.

Where to Hire Freelance Developers

While hiring freelancers is a good option for your projects, it is equally essential to ensure that you hire the right freelance developer for the job. You need an expert who can meet your demands, work efficiently, suit your needs, is skilled, and can be employed for longer tenures.

There can be different mediums to hire reliable freelance developers, and the process can get tiresome. Freelancers are currently seen as valuable assets for a company. It is a better choice to hire from some well-established company or marketplace such as Optymize, Upwork, Toptal, etc. The optimizing platforms can make hiring and onboarding processes easy. If you are hiring a freelance developer, you can check them out.

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