The Cheapest Way to Secure Your Home with Cameras


What you hope to accomplish with a home security camera system should be one of your initial considerations. There is a common misconception that investing thousands of dollars in PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras is necessary to provide adequate home security. The problem with this line of thinking is that vandalism and theft may continue to occur on your property while you save thousands of dollars for the system that some people insist you need. PTZ cameras are fantastic, but in most cases, their size and cost make them impractical for use in a domestic setting. Instead, let’s consider your end goal for the system, as that will ultimately dictate which features are required and which may be omitted.

A wide-angle view is ideal if your primary goal is to provide basic land coverage so you can see if someone is on your property. These cameras’ large field of view means that a single camera may monitor a whole yard. However, not every setup requires a wide-angle camera. The “What” coverage these cameras provide is excellent, but the “Who” won’t be delivered unless the perpetrators are within 10 to 25 feet of the camera. Because of the compression effect of a wide-angle lens, a distant subject in a photograph will appear smaller as its distance from the camera increases.

Cameras with narrower fields of view, such as those with fixed-zoom lenses, can supplement wide-angle cameras by covering a specific, limited area, such as a “pinch-point,” gate, or walkway, that people must pass through when entering or exiting the property. Thus, you can learn more about and see more of “Who” entering your property. You can catch the complete story when combined with a wide-angle camera that displays what’s happening. Narrow-angle cameras (about 8-12mm depending on distance) are frequently used to monitor driveways, front gates, and even the alley between your home and the one next door. These cameras will provide a superior picture in confined spaces by allowing you to get in closer to the action.

There are primarily two varieties of DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) available. These are dedicated to recording from your home security cameras and are not the same as your “Tivo” or other Cable/Satellite DVRs. The first DVR variety is the standalone variety. This DVR, about the size of a VCR, records digital video from the connected cameras to its internal hard drive, allowing you to conveniently see live feeds and playback recorded film on your TV screen whenever action is detected. These DVRs make a great entry-level device for consumers to utilize at home. Next, there is the DVR system that runs on a personal computer. To connect security cameras to a PC, you only need a card that works with Windows XP or Vista. The bundled software allows the cameras to save their recordings to your computer’s hard disk.

In most cases, PC-based DVR systems are superior to standalone DVRs because they allow for higher-quality recording and convenient remote access. You can start with just one or two cameras to cover the most vital areas and add more as your needs and money allow with a PC-based digital video recorder system. Standalone DVRs restrict the number of inputs that the DVR offers.

Whatever system you choose, it’s essential to pick one that can deliver the level of video quality and remote monitoring you need. We often hear from consumers who have already purchased home systems elsewhere but are dissatisfied because they did not receive a design that genuinely suited their needs, even if it met their budget. You may save money on a home security camera system by planning to ensure it will function as expected.

Come talk to us about security camera systems for your home or company; Ez-Toyz Inc. is committed to offering dependable home security camera systems at affordable prices. The technology has progressed from single-camera VCR setups to PC-based digital video recorder (DVR) networks with dozens of cameras. Our Home Security Cameras and Systems can be tailored to fit almost any budget, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in making the best possible choice.

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