PEOPLE Healthcare – What’s Completely wrong with it?


We spend two to three times as much on our health-related as most countries in this description now have “socialized medicine.” But, every country with socialized medicine has much better overall health statistics. As a matter of truth, we are hovering around thirty seconds in the world. Even some “third world” countries are before us.

How can this end up being? The wealthiest country on earth, spending more than any other region, yet health is one of the most detrimental! What’s wrong? How have got we come to this state of affairs?

There are many reasons. Let’s check out some of these and look at the different answers:

1 . There’s a lot of focus on 40-50 million “uninsured” persons in the US. “Uninsured” doesn’t show that they aren’t taken care of. No emergency room can turn down everyone who comes for “treatment.” (Although many hospitals aim to shift “poor” people to national or state facilities for profit. )

You can also find Medicaid for the very poor. However, that still leaves almost all of the “uninsured” swinging inside the wind. They make just a little excess amount to qualify for Medicaid; possibly, the state they live in no longer has enough money and facilities. (Under the Bush Administration, the cuts in Medicaid often included limited coverage in virtually every state. ) A new severe medical problem bankrupts many of these families every year.

Who all pays for Medicare and Urgent visits? The usual – YOU taxpayers! So, like it or not, most of us already have a “sort of” socialized medicine.

By the way, did the phrase “socialized medicine” become a lousy saying? (Was it another “spin” fostered by “vested interests”? ) How often have you heard “just ask a Canadian about their total socialized medicine”?

Ask 75 persons from any country(s) that has socialized medicine a couple of questions: “How do you like the item? ” and “Would you enjoy a good get rid of it.”

The replies to the first question are usually a lot of individual complaints. Nevertheless, the answer to the second concern is an overwhelming “Never.” May this dichotomy be the motive that so many people in the US “think” that socialized medicine is terrible – those “bitching” (and very human) replies. Most people ask only the initial, NOT the second. I’ve expected both and have yet to identify a Canadian or a Brit who all answers “yes” to the second question, but many, or nearly all, will find something to drone about.

Isn’t it useful that all the “civilized manufacturing nations” in Europe and elsewhere have some version connected with socialized medicine? Even in pretty much bankrupt Russia and Atlanta, healthcare is accessible to all of us. And, even their well-being statistics are better than ours. (FYI, they also subsidize any “bright” student to a “doctorate” if they are smart enough. Expenses in the US are prohibitively substantial for mid and minimal-income families – usually, are we wasting a major helpful resource? You bet! )

2 . The reason why our health care costs a whole lot? Simple – the global insurance businesses are running it. They make enormous profits from this “service.” Remove the middleman – the companies, and cut the cost by an impartial idea between a third and a half!

The other benefits would this get? Doctors would have more time to talk with patients and spend fewer hours, and office staff would submit forms to get paid. Was any time the last time your MD spent more than only two minutes with you?

Let’s not necessarily overlook the fact that prevention is better than catastrophe! Every time a poor person winds up in an Emergency Room, the cost of their own problem is much more than it could be if that person had possessed insurance that allowed professional medical visits to head off tragedy with some prevention. This is a crucial factor favoring socialized drugs.

There’s still another factor in this kind of equation. Malpractice insurance (more profits to insurance companies)! We do need to limit this. Some formulas need to be developed for how much any kind of doctor can be sued with regard. And medical boards have to oversee MDs (and their own mistakes) much closer. Physicians do make mistakes! And, the actual injured have a right to become compensated for such! Things the other countries doing concerning this problem? Has anyone done any kind of study on this?

3. There is undoubtedly another often overlooked issue. We, as a nation, possess a terrible diet! We consume “fast foods” way too frequently. We eat too few “healthy foods” and too many “high carbohydrate” foods. The statistics display clearly that a poor diet plan on the part of a mother leads to a baby that is not nearly as healthy as it should be.

In the pictures, check out some “poor” natives associated with African countries. Look especially at the broad mouths full of very strong, really even teeth. Compare this particular to the US “standard” associated with two very prominent top teeth, a high narrow mid-foot to the roof of the mouth area, and crowding of the remaining teeth. Dr. Von Hilsheimer of Maitland, Florida, published a book years ago describing the various “abnormalities” and “anomalies” of children of poor diet plan mothers. There is a definite link between these children, along with increasing allergy and empathy in our children.

Recently I learned a very interesting article about a school that typically changed the diets of the attending scholars, and by this simple transformation only, the entire attitude and the scholars’ moral outlook were changed. It was pretty easy! They removed the soda machines and swapped them out with water fountains. That they eliminated hamburgers and chips and similar poor diet program foods and emphasized fruits and vegetables. Lo, and behold, the teachers who teachers had also shunned as a consequence of unruly students were changed! Students were quiet and learned better than in other schools in the neighborhood. Acts of violence or maybe vandalism were eliminated. Similar studies show that school boards often do not pay enough attention.

As a result of each of our overall “poor” diets, many of us, as a nation, get sick more regularly than in other countries. This increases the cost of healthcare tremendously within this country.

4. The United States Medical Assn, one of the most powerful unions in the world, backed up by the vast drug industry (Big Pharma), and the insurance business has the power and the cash to “buy” enough political figures to prevent any “reasonable” wellness plan. Bill and Hilary Clinton found this in their first year in office. There’s so much cash involved that it may be impossible even to get anything carried out except a “Band-Aid” within cancer.

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