Machine Downtime? What Downtime? Tips on how to Never have Server Downtime?


Engineering: Secrets on using technology to avoid wasting large sums of money, increase profits, and increase employee productivity.

Companies will not (can not) tell you. The 100% organization continuity solution.

Technology rapid Without it, the business world would likely collapse. Unfortunately, engineering can also be expensive and, in some instances, unreliable. Our purpose is usually to explain a few ways several clients have eliminated a principal expensive component in their organization – Downtime, planned or maybe unplanned. A seemingly unsolvable and major setback for all the businessmen and Administrators alike containing indeed been the cause for the business too;

1 . Data file bankruptcy within six months of any crash

2 . Loss of clients/patients

3. Loss of thousands or else millions of dollars annually

4. Decrease jobs and inadvertently trigger an organization to downsize

its five. loss of data and the tremendous cost to repair that files – if that is probable

6. Most importantly, the immense stress on the company and the techs who work overtime to attempt to keep your systems on the web.

What are the solutions? Modern-day standards might ask you to get an overpriced cluster answer that only presents 99. 9% uptime. Which still is almost nine hrs of downtime yearly. Upon researching the reliability of the cluster, we talked to many clients using cluster options. They admit that they have no idea the device will even kick in if a scenario calls for it. We have not included scripting, administration, hardware cost, multiple Systems (OS), and applications, among other factors. Many ” solutions ” are a joke when you are accountable for your systems staying upward.

“Well, that is all that can be obtained right? We cannot afford to pay hundreds of thousands associated with dollars like the big companies for any state-of-the-art systems. ” The reality is even big corporations tend to be losing incredible money, information security and their best specialists are still at a loss trying to professional a workable solution. Certain you can use Unix or Solaris, but that is a software remedy that still does not manage the hardware side of the problem. a

This is where We come in. I feel for the business and particularly the techs. These guys would be the heartbeat of companies, plus they still get very little regard and even less pay for their brilliant resolve. However, it would be easiest to be shocked at companies that are sold into a solution and terrified of change. Individually I do not lose any kind of sleep if a company does not use a new technology or at least investigate what is out there- their very own competitors will. They can lessen their operating cost, enhance their production rate, and perhaps both. In many situations, this kind of percentage is over 50%!

More than likely, you know this, but properly engineering should make the company much more capital frequently. After all, is the purpose of committing to any technology also a similar reason why you invest in the ist place, to make money? To the diploma and quality one outflows, his time, money, and so forth will be proportionate to what they inflow. While this universal standard

philosophy of life is valid, competence, ingenuity, and the potential to hold your ground along with success separate those who have great results and become powerful and those who do not. With this said, with intelligent hands, technology can do amazing things, but on the wrong hand, it can destroy an enterprise and even lives. However, many of us agree it takes money to generate money but let me demonstrate some ways to help you with all that. Here are some ways to profit from utilizing technology.

Let us take a machine. Although IT companies will never be honest, they count on two things to occur.


Servers go down, which is very common. We all concur that downtime (when the actual server is down or even inoperable or inaccessible) does indeed cause a business to generate losses, lose clients, and even unintentionally cost lives; we have all agreed upon that. We also agreed that repairing any kind of data loss and the other issues associated with downtime, monetary loss, and bad PUBLIC RELATIONS from losing clients (and lost clients) because you could hardly service them when required is very, very bad.

Nicely I have some great news for you!

We found a couple of very affordable, very practical solutions for mission-crucial servers.

1 . The real definition of Fault Tolerant machines.

While many servers claim to be fault understanding, I only found one, which is truly a 100% FT machine! We are not talking about the mirrored disk or a HIGH DEFINITION RAID but the whole package. We found a machine that does not have one single stage of failure! Imagine an entire box that is Fault Understanding! We also have a written guarantee associated with 99. 999% uptime!

Second. Your client needs and may have 99. 999% up-time at 100% availability. Exactly what does that mean?

It means you will have much more chances of winning the lottery than your machine going down. Most redundant and “protected” servers have the best 99. 9%. This is the famous cluster solution. This particular breaks down to about 8hrs and 45 minutes. WOW! Which is horrific and the approved standard for a lot of companies. This is unacceptable for my customers, and if your company has just as much critical data that cannot be down, this certainly isn’t a good solution.

So that you can see that a server which has 99. 999% up period giving a company 100% company continuity will save your company countless numbers if not millions of dollars annually, work-time and greatly increase member of staff production. Most importantly, it will safeguard your client’s faith in your company’s ability. In terms of I know, there isn’t anyone that wants to hear – “sorry, nevertheless we can’t service anyone causes our servers are generally down. ” But I really could be wrong!

3. Lively upgrade

Can you imagine if you could analyze all your patches and updates along with upgrades before you install them? If those new updates are generally suspected of causing troubles, you can “roll back” to the past setting. How much money and period will that save you? I want to say that most companies spend thousands of dollars every year to have a particular department or unit just to test patches and updates along with upgrades, not to mention repairing some sort of down server if individuals’ updates do not work. Keep in mind – although you need to restart the pc to install these updates rapidly, your client still has complete availability!

4. The NEC Fault Tolerant server sustains many Operating systems (OS) by virtualization if needed.

You can also have various OS on one server through a virtual environment if needed instead of getting many additional servers. All these machines will even automatically restart the pc the OS/application in an attempt to receive the software back online. Yet again, there is still 100% availableness!

5. Remote management

Signals out computing; Are you going on a vacation in France? With remote control management, you will be instantly informed when a client’s FT Machine is having issues. Note: Currently, there has never been any kind of reports of these servers getting any problems.

6. These types also are all hot-swappable HDDs.

7. These machines run a little more expensive than a regular GP (general purpose) server but far less than the usual cluster solution.

8. many additional benefits and functions are very impressive, but the job isn’t to sell a person – it’s to educate a person that downtime is yesterday’s news. The technology is unbelievable; it now also works. Of course, unless you have such as yesterday’s gear, you will need this particular to get ahead.

With this stated, how much is it to you to finally eradicate downtime?? You may not want your competition to get this technology before you. Can you see that putting your sources from slow, expensive, and unreliable servers to the correct equipment will let your technicians work on the other important tasks (other than downtime)? Would you understand the financial resources you could use to expand your company and, most importantly, the restored trust your clients will have throughout you?

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