LolBeans Review


LOLBeans is an exciting online multiplayer game whose main objective is to race your bean character around an obstacle-filled course and collect power-ups. Have the Best information about LOLBeans.

This game suits players of all ages, though children aged 3 to 5 may benefit most. They will learn much while engaging in this fun activity, such as facts about colors, numbers, and shapes.


LOLBeans is an online multiplayer racing game in which players race against one another through an obstacle course in battle-royale style elimination gameplay, avoiding obstacles like swinging hammers, angry faces, and traps to finish and gain points.

Play a fun and engaging racing game that doesn’t present too many complications, although mastering its controls may take some practice. Ducking and weaving techniques will help keep you on course while keeping opponents from pushing you aside.

This game is suitable for children aged 3 to 5 and can be enjoyed as a single-player in multiplayer modes. When competing, random partners will be assigned for challenging races that put your skills against those of other players.


Eye-catching graphics and effects abound. One of the game’s most significant achievements is its ability to combine competitive with social atmospheres for an unparalleled playing experience. You won’t want to put this one down! Available for play through its app store and via your web browser of choice if so inclined, this game promises hours of fun! This addictive mobile phone game makes an excellent way to pass the time!

Various game modes

LolBeans is a free online game that presents players with the challenge of navigating through various mini-games – classics and newer additions!

The primary goal is to first race to the finish line in either single-player mode, cooperative mode, or multiplayer mode – whether this means taking shortcuts and collecting power-ups to boost your score and save time.

Prepare yourself for minor frustration as you attempt to maintain your composure and avoid being eliminated during play. LOLBeans offers three game modes – story, time trial, and survival. Best of all? No download is necessary; enjoy it from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device! The graphics are great, too – who knows, maybe even winning first prize could be in store!

Free to play

LOLBeans is a fun online game for players who enjoy racing bean characters through obstacles while collecting power-ups. Additionally, its multiplayer mode lets you compete against friends or random opponents.

The game features several distinct modes: time trial and survival mode. In survival mode, you must avoid obstacles as long as possible to achieve maximum scores and achieve success in this mode.

Another fantastic game aspect is that it offers nearly 60 Bean skins. At first, you’ll only have access to basic Bean skins; but if you collect enough coins, you’ll unlock signature ones such as Ice Cream, Mafia Ninja Astronaut Gift Rabbit, etc.

Start your game by giving your bean a name, and in 25 seconds, you will find yourself in a waiting room filled with other players as determined to win as you are! Don’t be fooled; they are real players as well!

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