Inescapable fact regarding the Bible’s Secrets That Are Being Hidden From Man


Allow me to start at the very beginning. The guy was in the garden of Eden. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do, aside from one thing. He was not allowed to consume from the tree of knowledge. It was God’s one command. The Amazing fact about Bible purity.

A good evil serpent tempted Eve to disobey God, and then she persuaded Adam to eat the fresh fruit from the tree of knowledge that God forbid them to perform.

Adam ate the apple company. They suddenly became conscious of their nakedness. God realized this because when Lord asked Adam why having been hiding, Adam replied, “I ended up being ashamed of being naked. Very well, God Knew they Disobeyed him and got from the tree of knowledge which often God forbid him to complete. This is what the Bible affirms.

At this point, I have two inquiries. The apple ended up being symbolic of something else. Since there is nothing wrong with having an apple. My initial question is, “What could be the apple symbolic of? “In other words,” What act really transpired? ” This second question is” The fact that was the knowledge that which God block? ”

The Bible will not answer or even address all these questions. I know that several of you may be saying the answer to the knowledge question had been that man would obtain all the same knowledge that God experienced. But this was stated through the serpent, who was the devil, and the devil is a liar. To ensure that does not answer that issue for me.

O. k. Right now, let’s jump ahead towards the seventeenth century. There was a Spanish philosopher named Rene Descartes. He is referred to as the father of modern philosophy. He reached a place in his life where he previously had many doubts. He doubted his existence.

This individual felt that he could be only a figment of some type of imagination. Then he realized something. The questioning was going on. He recognized doubting was a thought process. Then he knew he was able to believe. He is well known for the quote,” I think therefore I am. Inch He needed to be sure of stuff to feel.

Now Rene Descartes confronted his idea in the existence of Jesus. He was Catholic, and he went to the Catholic church. They were being told many things about Jesus by the Catholic church. They wanted to know where these kinds of teachings were coming from, And also who’s authority.

The Catholic church told him they’d Sacred scriptures with sacred places. Rene Descartes wanted to examine them to get himself to interpret and believe for himself. Often the church said to him that is impossible because only certain anointed religious leaders of a substantial order were allowed to head out and view such religious documents.

Well, Rene Descartes would not accept this. They said if he could not see for himself can not believe their instruction. He was banished from Portugal. In 1663, the Père placed his excellent works on the index associated with prohibited books.

Why had they been hiding the theories of God? It reminds me of a quote that Christ, ” Woe to the pharisees, for they are like a canine sleeping in the manger associated with oxen, for neither really does he eat nor really does he let the oxen consume… ”

God’s word is similar to a light to guide man to maintain him from stumbling within the darkness. Jesus said. inch If you have a lamp which is lit, do you put it below a table and include it, or do you put it on the top of the table so all can easily see the light.? ”

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