How to Attract Guest Post Platforms


Organically increasing website traffic through guest posts is an effective strategy for building a social following and expanding subscriber numbers. Guide to Publish Guest Posts from Google News Approved Blogs.

Make sure that your content covers topics that are pertinent to the target audience. Furthermore, consider evergreen issues that will remain valuable months or years down the line.

1. Access

Write guest posts for platforms to showcase your work to new audiences while increasing traffic and search engine rankings. Furthermore, by promoting your guest post through these platforms’ social media accounts, you may attract even more people to your blog!

Accessibly offers tools that can assist in finding guest posting opportunities. Filters allow users to sort results based on category or keyword searches, and this tool also provides a list of websites accepting guest posts.

Reaching a wider audience and building relationships with other bloggers are two great ways to expand your reach and expand relationships. Guest blogging tools like GuestBlogger are great for this purpose – using them, you can search for opportunities on high-quality blogs that relate to your niche. Just beware about paying for guest posts as this violates Google guidelines and can lead to penalties from them; make sure any paid guest posts are only published on quality sites; alternatively, join communities of digital marketers such as Reddit, Slack, or Facebook where guest posting opportunities might surface – join any one or all for guest posting opportunities! The ultimate guide to Publish Guest Posts.

2. LinkOptimize

To gain acceptance as a guest post platform, create high-value content that satisfies the audience of the host website. Research relevant keywords and topics of interest for the target readers.

An engaging blog post can bring new visitors to an author’s website. They will likely want to learn more, visit other articles related to them, or even purchase related products.

An effective post will contain keyword-rich copy that has been optimized for search engines to increase its ranking on Google and drive more organic traffic to the website.

Utilize tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to identify which competitor sites boasting backlinks related to your target keywords are worth targeting for backlink acquisition since this can boost SEO rankings and bring in new traffic for your page. Conversion tracking software such as OptinMonster will allow you to monitor results more closely, helping determine ROI while pinpointing areas needing improvement so that changes to outreach techniques or nurture strategies based on data can be made based on insights gleaned from tracking results. Tips on Publish Guest Posts on Pensivly?

3. BuzzSumo

Writers tasked with writing guest posts must select topics that resonate with their host site’s target audience. With so much content online, finding relevant topics may prove challenging – BuzzSumo makes this easier with its tools that enable writers to identify relevant posts quickly.

The platform provides a search tool that displays a list of the most shared content related to your query. This tool helps you gain insight into what resonates with audiences and can assist in crafting original pieces for them. Furthermore, it reveals trends over time for further study.

Question analysis tools such as Quora can be beneficial when trying to uncover topics for blog posts; one such analysis tool is called Question Analyzer. This feature uses Quora queries as an indicator that people are asking on other platforms, such as Reddit and Tumblr, for topics for future blog posts.

Monitoring features on our platform enable you to set alerts for keywords, content, or domains of interest – providing a great way of staying abreast of industry news and catching important events firsthand. They’re also helpful for keeping an eye on competitor content or monitoring brand mentions.

4. CoSchedule

Guest blogging is an effective marketing tactic used to increase traffic, establish credibility as an industry expert, and boost sales. Furthermore, guest posting can improve SEO by building quality backlinks to your site.

CoSchedule is a content scheduling software that makes it easy to plan, edit, and schedule blog posts and social media campaigns from one convenient platform. Ideal for marketers but valuable to anyone with a digital presence alike – its feature set ranges from project management to email automation.

Coschedule saves time by enabling you to schedule social media promotions before an article goes live—an unrivaled feature that sets it apart from its competition.

Another outstanding feature is the ability to monitor performance and optimize your marketing campaign using various analytical tools. For instance, you can compare post performance across platforms or analyze optimal times to post. Furthermore, you can utilize this tool as a centralized library with customizable tags and taxonomies for all of your assets and marketing assets.

5. Squidoo

Squidoo was one of the first platforms created by marketing writer and author Seth Godin to give internet users more control over how and when they publish and share content online. Each web page on Squidoo is known as a lens, and its owner is known as its “lens master.”

Squidoo lenses are topic-oriented pages built around a specific topic. They feature multimedia such as pictures, videos, quizzes, lists of links, or RSS feeds. Each lens receives its own ranking on Squidoo, with more active lenses ranking higher on this platform.

Top-ranked lenses receive much attention and traffic, providing your website with greater exposure. In addition, links from a Squidoo lens provide reliable backlinks. Although paid links aren’t permitted as long as the publisher has high domain authority and provides relevant links, these links may still prove beneficial—particularly when combined with other Squidoo tools like new lenses, quests, or sidebar widgets.