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All about google website speed tool:

google website speed tool – Google’s introduction of website velocity as a parameter in their rank algorithm means that webmasters need to pay even deeper attention to their websites’ loading velocity. Yahoo and google went out of their solution to announce this new parameter will be telling in itself since Yahoo and google will not usually publicize new parameters to their prosperous algorithm. To know more about high authority links click here.

google website speed tool – According to the announcement, the velocity penalty was introduced adhering to Yahoo or google’s various experiments on the impact of internet site speed on internet users. Even so, the investigation results are no surprise even for someone who has come to use the Internet recently – end-users prefer websites that basket full faster and tend to take more time on such websites.

google website speed tool – Nevertheless, the search engine giant has been watchful to state that even though acceleration is now a factor, it is not the recognized parameter for determining benefits. The quality and relevance associated with is still the determining issue, but if your website speed is slow, you will receive a Yahoo or Google penalty. This implies that it is essential for you as a webmaster to get started to assess your web page’s rate to establish whether you could be going further down the search engine pages (SERPs) because your website is slower than your strong competitors.

How Can Google Realize My Page Speed?

google website speed tool – However, one must understand the essentials of how Google’s algorithm establishes your website speed and thus, your current SERP ranking. The search engine makes use of two main factors in terms of speed assessment. First, your web site will receive a higher speed rank if it responds faster to Googlebot. Googlebot is the net crawling tool used by Yahoo and Google to find and index websites.

Second, your website will also obtain a good speed ranking if that records a faster reloading time on Google Toolbar than your competition. To better assist you in studying your website speed, Google added a page speed report to their particular webmaster’s tools found within the specific Google webmasters ‘lab’ segment.

google website speed tool – You can use the tool, and it is reported to see how rapidly your website loads compared to different websites once you are armed with the knowledge of where your page position in the speed hierarchy, begin to make the necessary code in addition to structural changes to make it answer faster. Your priority is always to make sure you have no SLOW websites on your site. The page that will take two seconds or maybe more to load and pages that can be marked as SLOW inside the Google Webmaster Tools must be improved to avoid a Yahoo and google penalty for your website velocity.

google website speed tool – When you have made sure to improve further all slow pages carry on to make all of your pages fill up in one second or fewer. Read on to see why this will be significant—having a website that tons fast has more rewards than just a higher search engine ranking and avoiding a Google fine. A website optimized for velocity reduces the bandwidth necessary on your hosting service, reducing your overall hosting fees. Faster websites also offer a better browsing experience since users can easily get information to easily navigate your website.

Further, websites adjusted for speed work better while accessed on mobile phones, PDAs, and other devices that do not have access to the same processing storage level as your standard laptop or a desktop computer. Even though you can have any mobile version of your web page, this comes with clipped down graphics and other components of your site.

google website speed tool – Some users should view your site in full PHP on their phone or PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT, and a faster loading web page will have better chances of success loading on such units. As a webmaster, there is a number connected with free tools that you can use to raise the loading speed on your website. I have listed a pair of the more popular ones below:

Web site Speed

google website speed tool – Page Speed is undoubtedly an open-source add-on for the Firefox browser. It evaluates your website’s velocity and gives you suggestions on how to improve your web page speed. Page Speed extends tests on your web server’s architectural setting and your website’s front stop code. After running this kind of test, it gives you a survey on your website speed and suggestions on how to improve your website’s velocity.


google website speed tool – Yslow is a free software only by Yahoo. It analyzes your website’s performance and provides you with suggestions on increasing your website’s speed. Yslow is a Firefox add-on and is also integrated with the Firebug application for website development. It exhibits statistics and an evaluation review. It also gives you suggestions on how best to improve your respective website’s speeds using best practices.

Yslow comes integrated with other equipment for performance evaluation which includes Smush. It and JSLint further enhance your website efficiency. Even though it is a Yahoo product or service, Yslow can help avoid the Yahoo and google penalty on website velocity.

The Website Speed Quick Fix

google website speed tool – There are many factors affecting a website, and lots of them are technical in characteristics and are best solved by an excellent web developer or perhaps webmaster. There a few specific things you can do yourself, regardless of whether you’re not a tech man, but you have some experience doing webpages.

Reduce the number, measurement, and quality of photographs and reduce audio, thumb, and javascript usage. Reduce the entire page by splitting a challenging page into several small. Remove redundant HTML, CSS, and Javascript code from page source code. Don’t use images and other components that happen to be linked live from different fields, instead use a copy to your server. And make sure to keep an eye fixed on the Google Webmaster Applications to see how your site comes even close to your competition.