Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


Cabinet interiors often receive less attention yet can provide plenty of opportunities to be creative. Match your cabinet interiors to the backsplash color, or paint them a fun hue to add a point of interest to your kitchen. The actual Interesting Info about cabinets for closets.

Keep your measuring cups and spoons handy by attaching standard measurement conversion graphics to the doors – this solution is stylish and practical!


Modern kitchens tend toward clean lines. That doesn’t have to be a disinviting space, though – mixing cabinet styles can add warmth and personality. Rumor Designs’ modern kitchen features stainless steel hardware that breaks up straight-lined flat front cabinetry for an exciting touch of shape within this minimalist design.

Opting for vibrant hues on your cabinetry can add visual interest and enhance its function, but be careful not to go too far – too much color can become overstimulating and challenging to work with. If you prefer darker tones, consider painting only the lower cabinets while keeping the wall cabinets white.

If your deep cabinets are difficult to access from behind, consider turning them into drawers. This will make items in the back more easily accessible while creating an open feel in your kitchen. Alternatively, take advantage of any space by adding floating shelves displaying favorite coffee mugs or kids’ artwork!


Your home’s architectural style often determines which cabinet design works best. For example, Chippendale-style cabinets would complement a classic Georgian mansion nicely, while shaker-style would suit more intimate settings like mountain lake houses.

Matte black kitchen cabinet finishes are an elegant choice that complements traditional styles beautifully, creating a rich, sophisticated aesthetic. If your kitchen features natural sunlight, opting for matte black finishes will help make the space feel airier and brighter.

Display cabinets featuring metal grate fronts provide a practical compromise between open and closed storage solutions, enabling easy access to dishes and utensils while remaining protected from dust and bugs.

Trying to add color without going all-out? Consider painting only the lower cabinets in a shade you love for an easy, cost-effective update. Designer Ashley Montgomery took this approach when creating this kitchen by using soothing green paint on only her lower cabinets while keeping her upper ones white to create an airy vibe.


Striking a balance between practical storage needs and gorgeous aesthetics is a hallmark of contemporary kitchen design. Cabinets can add character without compromising functionality by featuring bold colors or quirky shapes that set off their personalities.

Display cabinets can help brighten dark kitchens, allowing tableware and decorative objects to be displayed. Mix glass-fronted cabinets with opaque ones to hide items you don’t want visible such as this minimalist kitchen designed by Emil Dervish.

Color can be an extremely effective design tool, and painted cabinetry offers the advantage of being easily customizable. Consider soothing green and blue hues for an environment that induces calm, while warm orange and yellow tones are great ways to bring life and excitement to any space.

Open shelving is both stylish and practical. It allows you to store everything from your collection of coffee mugs to your children’s latest art project on floating shelves that offer the added benefit of being highly durable and simple to keep clean.


Transitional kitchens often combine traditional and contemporary elements to achieve a flexible appearance, such as mixing traditional crown molding details with modern cabinetry with flat fronts and simple hardware for an adaptable appearance. Such kitchens allow designers to adapt them to many different design motifs quickly.

Warm metal finishes for cabinet hardware, such as brass, are often chosen in transitional rooms. Brass stands out against neutral-colored surfaces while remaining appealing across various kitchen colors and textures.

Glass-front cabinets add a contemporary flair to transitional open spaces. Their translucent surfaces draw attention away from windows while emphasizing decorative dishware and glassware collections. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a wall full of glass cabinets, consider installing just one onto a kitchen island for easy daily access to plates and cups.

Add some flair and character to your transitional kitchen by painting lower cabinets a darker shade while leaving wall cabinets light – this keeps the space bright while providing ample storage space.

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