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Employ any web page for the following lessons.

One THIS IS MY PET- Think about this as your pet and create answers to the following queries.

a) What is his/her title?
b) Where did they come from?
c) How long perhaps you have had him/her?
d) Exactly what does he/she like to eat?
e) What is your favorite thing to do together with your pet?
f) Where does your dog sleep?
g) What is your preferred memory of your pet?
h) What is your pet good at?
i) What is your pet bad in?

2 . PET CARE MANUAL – Write a guide explaining how to care for this dog. (food, bedding/home, exercise, unique needs, handling instructions).

3 . DESIGN A PET HOME – Create advertising for the perfect home for this particular animal. Talk about dimensions, price, availability (where you can buy it), features and warranty. Incorporate a diagram with labels.

4 . HELP! I’VE BEEN TURNED INTO A PET – You annoyed the magician and have been turned into this particular creature. Write a story detailing your adventure (My incredible day as a….. )

5 . HERO – Imagine this particular animal is a hero. They rescued a small child through drowning. Write a newspaper post describing what happened.

6 . – 1ST PRIZE This pet won first prize in the local pet contest. Envision you were the owner and make a page describing the event. Be sure you describe the setting. The site seizures (e.g., obstacle course/best dressed), the other competitors, all judges, and how you felt if you won. If there is time, make a first-place ribbon (draw the idea onto a blank document, color it, cut it and glue it on).