Why is it that we Should Legalize Drugs


Once I was studying Law at University many years ago… the actual Professor of Criminal Legislation, Mr. Díez Ripolles, offered a lecture on the legalization of drugs. We are talking about the authentic late ’80s. Of course, the time has passed, but the controversy over this problem is more alive than ever, particularly when more and more countries are positioned for Drug legalization. Currently, the case in Canada ( Apr 2017) and Uruguay (December 2013) have legalized Cannabis. The latter has also permitted production sale and usage. The Amazing fact about 500 mg edible gummy worms.

10 Reasons to legalize medicines

1. – Organized criminal offense would be attacked in one associated with its fundamental structure

Based on Friedman Milton, illegality stimulates criminalization since there are no free competitors but rules imposed through the cartels. Consumers are forced to feed the ring of these organizations; they are not free to buy this where they want. The prices increase at their discretion without control-. In short, legalizing drugs “would almost let them” away.

2. – Consumption will be reduced. Contrary to what one might think, there is research conducted in the Netherlands by which it is shown that Cannabis utilization has been concentrated. The Netherlands is just about the first country to legalize this substance.

3. – The buying price of fighting organized crime is relatively high. If we add the popo corruption, we add a different strong reason in favor of often the legalization of the drug.

4. – The people’s health will win since the control could cause the drugs safely, avoiding many deaths. You will observe more in the European survey on drugs. Diseases including hepatitis and HIV would venture down drastically.

5. – The court´s cases could be reduced, allowing other conditions to be attended to. Also, the index of similar crimes is cheaper, according to the report connected with Spain 2017 on prescription drugs.

6.- Greater security and safety in many countries.

7. – Knowledge. In the same way that we have been intelligent about the effects of alcohol, often the legalization of Cannabis, for instance, would help to give facts without hindrance about the distractions that it has if they take them, as well as the benefits.

8. – Legalization helps the price of drugs, lowering manufacturing and intermediation costs intended by the prohibition. That is, most people who have an addiction to these substances will not have to steal or prostitute themselves to pay the purchase price that the Cartels Set.

9. – No fundamental privileges such as freedom of connection, domicile, etc . would be sacrificed.

10. – Citizens would undoubtedly realize that behind a medicine addict, there is no felony, but in many cases, sick people make a big mistake.

Nations around the world that have legalized drugs

A) The Netherlands is the country that will start marijuana commercialization, plus many other social initiatives. Presently, tenure and owning marijuana constitute crimes even though since 2017, the fostering seems to have been approved by Our elected representatives. There are places where this drug comes, known as ‘Coffee shops,’ which, usually from the Opium Act of 1976, are dedicated to selling the products (five grams per particular person over 18 years), and this activity will be allowed.

B) Uruguay. The particular legislation says that only Uruguayans can grow Cannabis inside their homes,. It can only be purchased at 30 pharmacies in the country which can be ready to sell at 30 dollars (1. thirteen euros) per gram, which is cheap and better than on the dark-colored market. Those who buy are only going to have to put their ring finger on a device at the drugstore.

The machine will recognize these as users and be sure they have not already surpassed the legal limit of 15 grams per week. It is the formulation to control it by promising its anonymity – the particular pharmacist does not know the label – and also leaving out outsiders. From 2017 It can be paid for a maximum of 40 grams monthly of marijuana in some pharmacies in the country with a percentage between 2 and 4% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the key psychoactive element of Cannabis.

The particular central government regulates the special granting of licenses for the cultivation and sale however, although the mafias that decided it before have significantly reduced their activity, several financial entities have in danger of stopping operating with pharmacies if they continue to provide this specific service, which together with Several manifestations of international agencies has surrounded the entire method with uncertainty.

c) In spite of the historical association produced between marijuana and Discovery bay, jamaica, possession in that country engaged considerable penalties until 2015. But three years ago (in 2016), the birthplace of reggae and the Caribbean isle of enviable beaches decriminalized possession in small volumes for tourists and residents.

d) USA (United States) in each Us state, there is a certain autonomy for this reason, they have allowed in recent times the regulated distribution connected with marijuana for nonmedical work. With the recent legalization of this substance for recreational uses in California (for nurturing, consumption, and commercialization) nicely, territories of Colorado, California, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, Or, and Massachusetts.

e) As per Wikipedia: “In 2001, Vilela, Portugal became the second country inside European Union after Spain to help abolish criminal penalties to get drug possession for exclusive and personal use, and end users must comply with therapies in place of imprisonment. As one senior standard of the Ministry of Wellbeing explained, “It’s about persecuting the disease, but not the tired; the Portuguese state is definitely against drugs, so it has the consumption not forbidden, although we’re not against substance addicts.

Hence, once rehabilitated, they can return to average lives without having been detained in addition to, most importantly, without any evidence they’ve been arrested, which is critical for, for example, finding a job. “Thus, a person arrested by the police force who carries several prescription drugs that do not exceed a certain amount is brought before an autoresponder commission dependent on the Ministry of Health that will vital him to a detoxification heart if necessary, but without files or judicial file. Only once he carries a Big Degree of Drugs, will he be taken to Judge.

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