What is terpene diluent?



Terpenes are not the same as wax liquidizer in terms of chemical profile but their base use is the same. The vape juice developed using terpenes is stronger, more flavorful and vibrant.

Vaping is a cost-intensive hobby and if you are a regular user then you already know most of the price-driving elements involved here. Some of these are kind of obvious such as refilling the cartridges with vape juice, buying new cartridges, replacing the coil of the vape device after it has been burned, and other such elements.


Cutting down vape oriented costs

There are things that you can’t do anything about when it comes to saving money such as you have to buy new vape juice when you run out of it, you have to replace the coil after it has been burned, and stuff like this. But there are actions that you can take for the sake of decreasing the price of these elements, for starters you can develop your own vape juice at home? Want to learn more about it? If yes, then you are definitely at the right place.

How to make vape juice at home?

The store-bought vape juice is definitely of the best quality as it is developed with the best of the industrial processes making sure that the viscosity, as well as the concentration of the juice, remains at par but at the same time it is quite costly. If you can have the raw materials with you at home such as the plant concentrate that is in the form of a solid pellet that is going to impart flavor to the juice and either terpene or wax liquidizer for the sake of developing a solution then you can develop the vape juice at home.

The wax liquidizer and terpenes are mixtures of propylene glycol whereas terpenes have an addition of vegetable glycerin whereas the wax liquidizer doesn’t have any. This means that terpenes are going to be bitterer as compared to wax liquidizers when it comes to developing vape juice and that is why it is used in only small concentrations.

But there are certain upsides to using terpenes and that is you only have to use a minute quantity of it to develop a more homogenous and vibrant solution in the form of vape juice. The end product is more subtle and it is less likely to fall apart as it works as a thickener and binding agent between the concentrate and the juice allowing you to have a more fulfilling and wholesome whisk at vaping.

wax liquidizer and terpenes

Using Terpene diluent for added quality

The process to develop vape juice at home is simple. All you need is the concentrate and two to three drops of the terpenes, heat the mixture in the microwave, and stir the whole thing once out to develop the vape juice and a thorough and more homogenous mixture. But if you want to make your vape juice richer than ever and packed with flavor at every drop then it is advised to use the terpene diluent.

A terpene diluent is a food-grade, flavorless and odorless compound that can alter the viscosity of the concentrate. The diluent itself is oil solvent which means that you get incredible control over the terpene that you are using and the overall viscosity of the final product.

And the very fact that the whole thing is odorless and colorless only means that it won’t be affecting the final quality of the product but you would be able to reach desired concentration and viscosity for sure. Vape users do like to play with the viscosity of the vape juice to have a desired hit, some like it strong while others prefer more flavor over nicotine hit, using terpene diluent is a great way of better managing the whole thing.

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