Microsoft Operating Systems History – The 7th Miracle of the windows Operating Systems


All about Microsoft Operating Systems History:

Windows 7 is considered the most versatile and powerful central system known to me, so-far while writing this writing. It includes remarkable features, which I should highlight in this review write-up.

I always try to experiment with just about any new Microsoft Operating Systems History hoping that it may exceed my expectation. Regrettably, it always turns out to be unsatisfactory. With Windows 7, just about all my expectations about a Microsoft Operating Systems History has been meeting. The key expectations of a Microsoft Operating Systems History lay within these types of seven areas:

o  Overall performance,

o  Simplicity,

o  Social networking,

o  Security,

o  Media centre setup functionalities,

o  Compatibility,

0. Power management.


Among the significant enhancements that the Home windows 7 comes with, is the quick repose in operations. The actual start-up and shot down-time has been significantly improved. It is faster than you can imagine. Windows vista cannot come close to this, no matter what. The ability to run 64-bit is another added advantage since it can support more physical memory and modern processors. I have Intel dual-core processor in my laptop, and I also was able to increase the RAM to 4 GB recently, which I cannot do with my XP that has a limit of 3. twenty-five GB RAM.


The actual Window 7 is simple to make use of. You can manage many open-up programs and documents and search full-screen previews to keep the windows open. You can Jump list, Take, Aero-peak and do Window lookup.


Windows 7 can make connecting to more Home windows, seven systems easy through the use of HomeGroup. File transfer functionality between computers has been drastically improved, and connecting to your wireless network is as quick as ABC.


Glass windows 7 comes with Windows flames wall and Defender needlessly to say. But the excellent security element that I like is the power to encrypt the entire drives, both equally internal and external, however for the Windows 7 Supreme version. The User Account Command has been enhanced to give way more versatile control.

Media Center Functionalities:

Apart from the standard media functionalities, you can find in the older versions of Microsoft Operating Systems History; the Windows 8 can turn your PC into a TELEVISION SET. You can also watch, pause, rewind, along with record TV on your PC.

Child stroller:

Windows 7 allow you to manage applications that can only be carry XP and can’t carry seven by switching the idea to windows XP mode.

Electrical power Management:

The Windows 8 power consumption has been diminished drastically, thereby given far more life to laptop power packs, even when using DVD travel. Sleep and resume are usually faster.

Finally, I will determine by saying again, how the Windows 7 is the 7th Miracles of the Operating Systems which users like me happen to be waiting for. It’s fast, safe, stable, visually appealing and straightforward to use.