How to Mount a Television on the Wall


More and more people are investing in a brand-new, large-screen LCD or plasma TV as the price of these devices drops. A TV mounted on the wall not only looks fantastic but also helps conserve floor space and is much simpler to put than you might think.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable with DIY projects like mounting a television on the wall; in that case, you can always hire a professional, but if you’re confident in your skills, you can do the job in the afternoon.

Identifying a suitable mounting site is the first step. A solid brick wall is ideal for mounting a TV, but if your wall is constructed of plasterboard, you’ll need to secure the mount to a wall stud instead. Plasterboard by itself is not nearly sturdy enough to support a flat-screen television.

Verify that you’ll have a good view of the television from the couch. A poster can be hung in front of the wall where the TV will be mounted to test the viewing distance from a seated position. You can experiment with different placements for the poster until you find one you like. If you want to avoid putting the mount in a place you’ll later regret, take your time figuring it out.

The next step is to acquire a mount. Warning: read your TV’s manual to see whether it requires exceptional support. You can choose whatever amount you like if you can’t find any specific restrictions. There will be mounting holes on the back of your TV that are a regular distance apart, so you can rest assured that your mount will work with your TV so long as the holes line up.

Various mounts are available, from the most simple, which are fastened flush to the wall, to the most complex, which feature fully articulated joints. Which mount you purchase is entirely up to you and depends on your needs and budget. Many online resources provide reviews and recommendations from customers if you’re still having trouble deciding what to buy.

The next step is to install the mount on the wall. Simple equipment like a screwdriver, spanner, tape measure, spirit level, and power drill will do the trick. If you intend to attach the mount to a stud-filled wall, bring a stud finder along. Full installation instructions are included with your TV wall mount, but the process is consistent regardless of brand.

Most mounts have two parts: one on the wall and one on the back of your TV. The support is completed when these two parts are attached. Attach the necessary hardware to the back of your TV, then measure and mark the wall for the anchor bolts. Drill the holes and secure the second component of the mount to the wall, making sure the marks are straight and accurate.

After double-checking the level, you can attach the first part of the bracket to the wall and, subsequently, the TV. TVs can be pretty hefty, so you may want to enlist a helping hand, even though most shelves slide together. After it is hung, the two halves of the mount can be locked together using the included bolts.

Kick back and relax in front of your brand-new wall-mounted TV.

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