How to get a google knowledge panel – The Great fact about it


All about How to get a google knowledge panel:

How to get a google knowledge panel – It’s been around 8-9 months since Google introduced Knowledge Graph to implement Semantic Web Search, which looked like an impossible task at first, but it was finally made possible. But before we move ahead with this topic, let’s define what Knowledge Graph is, as there might be some people who are new to SEO and Knowledge Graph.

How to get a google knowledge panel – Knowledge Graph is like a depository of Knowledge, comprising of 550+ million objects and 18 billion facts that people have searched on the web till now, including Things and Places. With the introduction of Knowledge Graph in Google’s search engine, the process of sorting out the results and serve the end-user with authentic and super refined products from diverse sources based on their search query has become relatively easy. The sources used for providing ‘knowledge’ includes; Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, and Freebase.

Before KG came into existence, if you would have searched for “Sony Pictures,” the results would have been a mix and match of several things. However, if you do dig it now, it would provide you with the most authentic and related search result at the top.

How it could benefit you!

How to get a google knowledge panel – First of all, the main benefit of the Knowledge Graph is for the end-user, who uses the search engine for finding something of his interest rather than getting SEO manipulated results.

By SEO manipulated results, we don’t mean that all products were used to or are irrelevant to the consumer. If the power of the Knowledge Graph is utilized strategically and thoughtfully, it will boost your existing SEO campaign.

How Knowledge Graph benefit your SEO

Let’s cover this in two segments.

  • Suppose you’re looking to augment your SEO. In that case, the foremost thing you must do is- get listed in the sources that Google utilizes to obtain data & information (which we’ve already discussed).
  • Before Google released the Panda Update, companies used to make two different pages with different content but related to one theme, targeted with synonym keywords. This eventually proved to be a useful practice to rank for targeted keywords. But the Panda update targeted this strategy of ranking manipulations and washed out the spammy ones thoroughly. This made the web or search engines clutter-free, and now as KG is in effect, it has become pretty easy to rank if you have got the right connections.

How to get a google knowledge panel – Additionally, the central part of your SEO campaign is now dependent on your content that you put on your websites and circulate on search engines via Blog Posts, Articles, and Press Releases. So, it won’t be wrong to say that your web rankings are dependent on the quality of content you produce and where you post. Therefore, work on your content strategy accordingly, but don’t forget to capture the web by making the most out of Knowledge Graph.