How to Find the Distance Between Cities by Car


Plan your road trip using this free GPS navigation tool, which displays both as the crow flies and car distances, driving time estimates, and route maps. The Amazing fact about fuel cost calculator.

Input your starting and ending locations, as well as travel units, then click “Calculate.” You will see various suggested routes with detailed itineraries on a map.

Google Maps

Planning a road trip requires knowing how long it will take you to arrive at your destination. Knowing this number allows you to determine whether an overnight stopover or driving straight through is necessary and also helps avoid traffic delays to ensure a safe journey.

Google Maps makes finding distance between cities easy. Just enter two locations and click ‘ measure distance’ for results in kilometers, miles, or nautical miles – and even display your current location if using GPS on either a PC or mobile device.

To use the Google Maps Distance Matrix API, first enable it in Google Cloud Console and select the project used to set up Maps JavaScript API. Once this service has been activated, you can begin measuring the distance between multiple locations using its map interface.

Google Maps on mobile devices allows users to quickly measure the distance between two points by dragging the Map and between three or more locations using multiple markers as markers to calculate total distance. You can even track more complex routes using this handy feature!

Google Maps Distance Matrix makes road trip planning simple with detailed driving directions for each leg of your journey, including short and quick routes between two destinations, the distance between cities in both kilometers and miles, and estimated travel times – which may come in handy if traveling with children or elderly passengers.

Distance Matrix service from Google Maps is free and easily accessible on any platform, making it an efficient way to plan your route while saving valuable time. No special software or equipment is necessary, plus it even works offline! It makes your journey planning effortless!

This app makes it simple and fast to calculate the distance between any two locations on Earth by entering their latitude and longitude coordinates. In addition, travel time measurements between any two points can also be measured, which is excellent when planning road trips or events. Plus, there’s even an inbuilt navigation function that shows turn-by-turn directions on your phone or tablet!

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the default mapping application on iOS and macOS devices, providing turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic data, a “flyover” 3D view of cities, and a database of public transportation routes. Apple first unveiled the app with iOS 6, later updating it with features like indoor maps for shopping malls and airports. Apple also prides itself on its strong commitment to user privacy, offering features such as on-device data processing and randomized identifiers to prevent tracking. Vector graphics consume less data than their raster counterparts and can display different layers to meet user preferences. Furthermore, this app also offers comprehensive information on road widths, elevation data, and more realistic depictions of buildings and landmarks.

Use this tool to determine the distance between two locations by car, bus, or plane. Enter your starting and destination cities, and the distance calculator will provide driving directions as well as distance measurements in either miles or kilometers. It also gives an estimated travel time.

This app also offers you the flexibility to select the unit of measurement for distance travel, making it perfect for frequent international travelers who may use different measures of measure across countries. By default, miles are used; you can change to kilometers by heading into Settings and selecting your preferred measurement system.

Apple Maps will notify you if there is heavy traffic ahead, enabling you to take alternate routes if necessary. Furthermore, this app shows current traffic conditions with red markings for severe traffic conditions, yellow for moderate congestion, and blue for light traffic conditions. In addition, Apple Maps alerts drivers of incidents or road closures that might impede their journeys.

Apple Maps was revamped during the summer of 2018 to provide enhanced geographic context, such as outlining buildings and parking lots, pedestrian paths and parks, golf courses and baseball/football fields within parks, traffic lights and stop signs during navigation, traffic light/stop sign timing issues during navigation and more. Apple also introduced more realistic depictions of mountains and lakes.


Travelmath is an online trip calculator designed to provide the answers travelers need for their trips quickly. It includes tools for measuring distance and time traveled as well as finding cheap flights and hotels. In addition, Travelmath allows users to compare driving and flying costs and provides detailed road maps, as well as advice for avoiding traffic – an issue often encountered on long road trips.

TravelMate provides a comparison between flying and driving for those concerned about the environmental impacts of their trip, providing information such as fuel consumption and total costs of each form of transportation. Furthermore, TravelMath takes into account time off work, which may play a factor when making this decision, although it does not account for time spent at airports or shopping Duty-Free stores.

To use this tool, enter both city name and address into both input fields before clicking “Calculate Distance.” Your results will then be shown on a map with a line connecting their locations; miles and kilometers distance will also be indicated for reference. This tool is convenient if you plan to drive across the country as it helps plan routes to avoid rush hour.

The website also offers a mobile version of their trip planner, making it accessible on virtually all mobile devices with internet connectivity. The mobile app features a more effortless user experience and is more intuitive to navigate than its desktop equivalent.

This trip planner can be used to measure distances between cities and includes information on airports, hotels, and restaurants. Available on iPhones and Android devices alike, the app is an invaluable asset for business travelers as they make informed decisions regarding their travel plans.

Before embarking on any journey, it is essential to know the exact travel distance between cities. By being informed, your trip should go more smoothly and be enjoyable. There are various methods of measuring travel distance; airborne measurements provide the most precise results as they take into account earth curvature. GPS devices may also help determine this measurement.

Road Trip Route Planner

Planning a road trip requires having all the proper equipment on board, such as a first aid kit, emergency blankets, snacks, and water for refreshments, as well as clothing suitable for climate conditions. A map and navigation device may also come in handy. Don’t forget your itinerary, either!

A practical road trip route planner will save both time and money by optimizing your routes. It can also assist in choosing when and where to stop, as well as showing nearby attractions and restaurants – this tool can especially prove beneficial when traveling as part of a group, such as with families traveling together or college students approaching graduation.

Google Maps makes planning your road trip itinerary effortless. Enter your start and end points, and the app will provide a list of possible routes. Click on each destination to see its driving distance, time, number of stops, use, and any road conditions that might delay travel, such as heavy traffic or snowfall.

Search and select destinations from a list. View points of interest on the Map and mark them as favorites or not. Furthermore, create customized activities by using the Add button above the Map or within the Road Trip Plan or Activities menus.

Once you’ve entered all your destinations and planned the route, it is time to review and adjust as necessary. You can view the cost of your road trip by using the Travel Budget option in Settings; your Trip Summary will detail expenses related to admission fees, activities, restaurants, hotels, and other costs, while the Trip Calculator estimates total fuel costs based on vehicle type.

Edit your route by dragging and dropping each location on the Map until they reach their desired position before clicking on Directions for turn-by-turn directions. Lastly, share your Map by pressing Share in the upper-left corner – this will generate a link that you can copy and paste into emails or documents for sharing!

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