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Flutter Desktop – Inside the NSW planning system, any Pre-DA meeting is an elegant meeting between your proposed Development Application (DA) applicant and Council planning employees. At this meeting, the consumer is expected to provide initial documentation on their proposals like plans and reports, and usually, a fee is required. The particular meeting is generally attended by the applicant’s architect and city planner and Council’s older planning staff.

The good part of the Council planner supporting to draw the strategies over the counter for the applicant are usually long gone. A Pre-DA is the only formal opportunity to talk to Councils planning staff, go over the likelihood of their proposal and resolve any issues the Local authority or Council may have. As with everything, you will discover the benefits and limitations of a Pre-DA meeting, and I include summarised below.


Flutter DesktopAvoid delays in the analysis process by getting a level of quality advice from the Council. This kind of uncertainty can often include re-designing the plans and concerns by neighbours. It often saves the applicant money from compensating the architect to change usually the plans. If a model is submitted for large-scale suggestions, it may need to be altered, costly. A Pre-DA increases the applicant’s assurance whether to help proceed with DA.


Flutter Desktop – Considering at a Pre-DA assembly, the discussions are based on a new proposal; there is no guarantee Local authorities decision will be that which seemed to be expressed at the meeting. For instance, the Council may have indicated they will support the pitch in its current type, but the applicant changed the structure, lodging the application, and the Council does not support the rise. Anyone’s perception of a Pre-DA is often a challenging topic for Local authorities. Eg. The neighbours may perceive the applicant to be ‘friends’ with the Council giving them an unfair advantage.

State Government Proposal

Flutter Desktop – In August, the Department of Preparation released Draft Development Analysis Guidelines to increase the current assessment process. These kinds of changes consisted of implementing necessary timeframes to assess applications, common application forms across all Local authorities, ensure applications have the right documentation and promoting Pre-DA meetings for applicants.

Fundamentally the proposed changes intended to increase the assessment process, though the progress made with adopting these kinds of guidelines is unknown. I believe these changes will increase the public’s confidence inside Councils and could even inspire people to apply for DA, who have been previously concerned about the postponement in the assessment process. These kinds of proposed changes will also be good for the economy.


Flutter Desktop – Overall the particular Pre-DA service provides simply by Councils is highly recommended regarding controversial proposals and those who have noncompliances. The public should be considerably more aware that such a service prevails so they can utilize the Council’s assistance to avoid delays in the analysis process. Even though a Pre-DA is a costly and cumbersome exercise for Councils preparation staff, it is beneficial for both the applicant and Local authorities.

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