Finding the Right Web Developer


You may be an established company wishing to revamp its website, a solo trader, or an aspiring entrepreneur just starting. You know that the Internet is crucial to your success in reaching any goal you set for yourself.

I’ll make my point quickly.

There are professional websites, and then there are sloppy web spaces. They’re as dissimilar as night and day. You don’t have an effective web presence just because you slapped some words on a pre-installed design and snagged some cheap hosting.

Precisely what are you hoping to accomplish with this site? How would you describe it? Having a website for your business is unnecessary, and you shouldn’t get one merely to have anything to put on your business card. A solid online presence is crucial to the success of any business, as it serves as a 24/7/365 virtual sales representative who never needs a break, never calls in sick, and never shows up to work drunk or ill. When you consider that your website is often the first point of contact with potential clients and consumers, its design, functionality, and message take on even greater significance.

Would you hand some crayons to your kid and ask them to create an ad for you? No way, that’s just ridiculous. But it would reduce your costs. What kind of effect do you think this would have on your company?

Unfortunately, many companies take a myopic view of website design; if they applied the same thinking to office planning, their employees would sit on cardboard boxes on an unheated concrete slab with no windows.

Check out our compiled points; they should be considered when selecting a web design firm.

Does the firm in question have an imposing online presence?

Is there a problem with the company’s website? How can you expect them to help you if they can’t assist themselves? The company’s website should highlight everything great about the business. Blogs and Twitter feeds should be standard parts of a modern design. The site’s design should impress you; if it doesn’t, move on.

Does the portfolio look good?

They know how to make a great website, but can they also meet specific criteria? This new ballgame has strict timelines and detailed specifications that make client management a formidable challenge.

Do you think the sights are awe-inspiring? If you’re not impressed by the designs of existing websites, it’s unlikely that your website will fare much better.

Do they all seem to have the same design? You need something original, not a copy-pasted layout. Please make sure each website is unique and tailored to its intended audience.

Have you checked out the sites yet?

The best way to see a website is to visit it, as most website designers only show static photographs of their work. Come experience the site for yourself by visiting. It is highly suggested that you contact the site owner and inquire about their experience.

Websites can succeed better if their designs are original, consistent, and well thought out. Remember that a designer may be just starting and may have innate ability despite the absence of a portfolio.

Do the websites they create use verified code?

That’s a doozy of a question. Because many websites are not validated, even those belonging to well-known corporations, and Google’s Matt Cutts has stated that W3C validation is not a factor in how highly a website appears in search engine results (although this may change in the future). You don’t need a validated website to be great, but having one shows that you take your work seriously, makes updates more accessible in the future, and teaches you best practices.

I verified the following online resources:
There are 24 issues and 24 warnings on
The website has 39 problems and two cautions.
The White House website has 27 typos and ten signs. has 44 issues and four notices.
MySpace has 64 mistakes and 20 alerts.
Zero at (Passed).
There were 194 bugs and 119 warnings on

If you want to make sure a website is valid, you can do so by visiting

Please get to know the designer by grilling them with questions. (s)

Make inquiries. Ask them questions! The site design firm is used to clients asking queries and welcomes your inquiries. Investigate the company thoroughly, and have a face-to-face encounter with someone there, preferably in a casual setting like a coffee shop. I’ve written some questions you should ask before selecting a web design business that I haven’t already covered, as it is possible that you may not be able to meet in person owing to geographical constraints.

One) Do they mainly deal with website design?

You shouldn’t hire a graphic designer to make your site, as the two fields require distinct skill sets.

To what extent will your website rely on a team of people?

While a single worker is sufficient for a minor project, a team of workers is necessary for a larger project to meet the needs and have a more diverse collection of abilities available.

Thirdly, how easy is it to update my website after it’s done?

Ensure you aren’t stuck in unnecessary contracts; some organizations charge for even the tiniest changes. You may incur additional costs if you request significant revisions after finishing the project. Most web design firms will edit your text for free, and some will even provide you with the tools to edit your own site.

4) Do you provide SEO services?

All websites require onsite optimization. You may use onsite SEO to make your site more accessible to search engines. What good is a website if no one can discover it?

To design my website, how long would it take?

The website’s completion date should be precise, and you can set milestones to monitor its development if necessary.

6 ) Do you provide hosting?

Determine whether or not hosting is included in the web design package; if not, you may need to make separate arrangements or pay a setup fee to the company.

Seven) Will I be the owner of the domain name?
If the corporation is registering a domain name for you because you don’t already have one, you must ensure the registration is in your word.

Is there a catch?
Verify that there are no unexpected fees or recurrent charges.

To sum up

Research! You should hire a web design firm because its designers are skilled and educated, not because a salesperson convinced you to. Although cost should be considered, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Hiring the “cheapest web designer” will result in a site that looks cheap, which may or may not accurately depict your business.

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