Armbar From BJJ Mount Position Step By Step


The armbar from mount is one of the most intriguing submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. As a result, BJJ practitioners should get familiar with this crucial submission from the very beginning of their time on the mat.

Although, indeed, from the mount position, you can perform various effective submissions such as the triangle choke, cross choke, and so on.

So, in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the mount is considered one of the game’s most fundamental and dominant positions. Aside from that, it is one of the most complicated and powerful positions in the BJJ sport. Consequently, it gives its players many submissions and transitions to choose from during their battles.

But, the attacking player will be unable to do anything meaningful until he has mastered the foundations of the mount position. Thus, while actively practicing the mount position, the practitioner must maintain adequate control and proper weight distribution throughout.

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How To Do The Mouned Armbar In BJJ?

The mounted armbar can be accomplished with the assistance of the stages that follow:

  1. The first step would be to secure your mount position (don’t let it go too far from your hold).
  2. Side up over your opponent’s stomach to attain the high mount position.
  3. Force your opponent to use his hands. For example, pretend to set up a cross-collar choke to force the opponent to extend his hands.
  4. Grab the opponent’s arm that you want to attack; for example, you cab garb it from the triceps muscle. And move your chest down to block the opponent’s arms and upper body.
  5. Your next move is to get yourself in the S-mount position. And use one of your legs to control the opponent’s chest and the other one raised on his head. Simultaneously, your chest must be down to hold the attacked arm and close distance.
  6.  Lean back toward the ground, lift your hips to hyperextend your opponent’s elbow and complete the armbar submission. Exceptionally well done.

That’s you performed the armbar techniques from mount. Congratulation!

Most Asked Questions

What is the BJJ mount position? And How Does It Work?

BJJ practitioners see the mount as one of the most dominant positions available in combat sports. Precisely in this position, one fighter is sitting on the other fighter’s upper body.

Several factors make the mount an especially beneficial situation for the top player competing internationally. For example, he can control and dominate his opponents by using a multitude of submissions and transitions, including armbars, triangles, chokes, etc.

In the meantime, the mounted player (bottom player) has very few options until he can break free of his precarious position and gain control of the battlefield. So, he needs a strategy for sweeping the top player or regaining an alternate guard type to reverse the game.

What Is An Armbar? And How Does It Work?

The armbar is an essential submission technique available to brilliant practitioners from practically any Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA position. Indeed, It is referred to as the cross arm-lock in the Judo martial art.

Moreover, the armbar is a hyperextension of the elbow that requires precise control of the opponent’s arm to be applied appropriately. Unfortunately, if this submission is performed poorly, it might cause injury to the opponent’s elbow.