Ancient Dog Names


Are You A Dog Lover? These Ancient Dog Names Will Win Your Heart. Drawn from Classical Antiquity, each one holds rich meaning and symbolism. Choose the best ancient dog names.

These names for pet dogs come from ancient myths and legends; some even draw inspiration from planets and gods from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Native American cultures.


Ancient Greeks loved animals and valued their pets greatly, acting as companions, mentors, protectors, and a sense of security and safety, helping with farming/food production activities and war.

Human and animal relationships can be explored in Greece through myths, fables, epic poems, histories, and funerary monuments from archaic through Hellenistic periods – inspiring when choosing names for four-legged companions.

If you’re searching for an original and creative name to give your pup, Greek culture, and mythology offer plenty of ideas. Words inspired by gods, heroes, and philosophers could make great options.

If your pup loves water, try looking into names associated with Greek goddesses of rain and water, such as Rhea or Metis; for hunters, consider names derived from deities like Artemis or Athena as inspiration.


When choosing a pet name, choose something you and they love. Consider recent conversations between you and the animal’s breed type as potential ideas.

Are you a history enthusiast? Then, an ancient Roman name could be perfect for your canine. These names draw on important Roman figures, Latin words, and gods for inspiration.

Roman dog names tend to originate from Latin words or phrases; however, some can also contain Greek or Hebrew elements – making them perfect choices for fearless mutts who always appear eager for adventure!

Ancient Romans were especially fond of Greek mythology; many of their gods came directly from Greece’s Olympus.


Ancient Egypt is one of Africa’s most beautiful countries, offering ample inspiration when choosing a name for your pet from this rich history. Be it something reminiscent of Egyptian mythology or inspired by one of their famous rulers – there are numerous options available to you when selecting an Egyptian-themed name or title for your canine companion.

Egyptian goddesses provide another great source of name ideas for canine companions. These deities are associated with various activities and professions, such as dancing, acrobats, and beauty services.

These names are great ways to honor female dogs’ strong personalities!

Choose from an impressive variety of male dog names for your new pup. Some options may even feature famous Egyptian warriors like Merikara and Rameses!

Native American

Native American heritage provides an endless source of names. So whether you’re searching for something that celebrates your pup’s breed or size or something unique with deep meaning behind it, there are sure to be plenty of options that suit your pet and its individuality!

Native Americans were known for deeply respecting nature and spending much time outdoors, which explains why their names reflect it so closely! Their nature-themed names will encourage you and your pet to spend more time outside.

If you want a name that stands out, consider giving your pet one that pays tribute to a Native American tribe or chief, such as Apache, Comanche, Navajo, or Cherokee.

These dogs are beloved family companions. They make exceptional family pets; children can often bond closely with them. Unfortunately, however, they do not enjoy being alone for long periods and would benefit more from an outdoor space with fencing where they can run freely rather than being locked into a crate.

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